Learn the secret to WHY Everyone is Buying & Loving Ko's "Ultimate Health Upsell"

My great friend Dolores has metabolic syndrome. It ruined her kidneys. (wish i knew this before)

She was my very first receptionist I hired when starting my very first clinic back in 1997.

She was sweet, spoke fluent Spanish, and had super determination to get the job -- so I hired her.

One of the best decisions I ever made (still friends to this day).  I want to help more people like my friend. Too many are suffering today, unnecessarily -- when the fix is so simple to do.

How simple is it to add to clinic and manage?

A tech or assistant (even receptionist) can easily learn to do it.

I give you all the legal waivers, disclaimers, forms, program tools and resource sheets.

See what clients/patients who've gone through it are saying.

Imagine being able to help others get healthy in a meaningful way,--that doesn't take much of your time.  This is how it works:

  • They watch a video that's emailed (or text) to them by your office,
  • They buy before they come in,
  • Your tech goes over ONE movement and a one-page sheet of instructions & questions (during their treatment visit) -- takes ~7minutes.
  • Repeat this next 6-sessions.
  • *If they are not a patient, and just an outside consumer who purchased, your tech will either zoom or phone call x6 sessions.
  • The client watches videos on their own.

That's it.

Sounds so simple,...but it's changing lives.

you can see some testimonials of clients who've gone through this here >>>

You get this amazing proprietary system inside the 3-hr Clinic Reboot absolutely free.

(This is priceless. It may help transform and save one of your staff or family members.)

I'm gonna show you why the lock (on the cell) doesn't open,...and how when you fix it, -- it changes everything for you,... your body, hormones, energy, mental acuity, muscle, mood, skin (youthfulness) -- ... it leads to amazing health.

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