How To Profit:  What Is The Best Way For PT/OT Clinic Owners

The Challenge takes place over 14-days. Each week we kick-off with a 90-minute live training to get you started. All the materials, checklists, templates and waivers will be available via download in the Members Only area (which you get lifetime access to -- for a one time payment).

There's no need to wait Any longer to have the business you've always wanted. I'm going to show you how to Reboot your business to Get On Track, fast. But before I do, here are:

7 mistakes that make trying to grow a clinic business Today seem like a big waste of time ...

Here Are 7 Mistakes That Make Trying to Grow a Clinic Business Today Seem Like a Big Waste of Time


Trying to Increase Profit the WRONG Way 

Getting more new patients is good when having a lot of empty slots needing to be filled.  But beyond that, it's not the best way to increase profit.

My Ultimate Upsell increases cash sales without much added expense, time and energy on you (or your therapists) part.

Here's what's wrong with focusing too much only on increasing more new patients:

It can get expensive to activate, intake, eval, treat, document, reeval, bill, document some more, and manage more new patients.

And more therapist staff means, more costs as well.

Let's be truthful, it's COSTLY! ...

...and the margins are low (that's why our profit is low).

The margins with UPsells can be 7-8x better with the way I show you.

It's how the best companies in the world increase profits -- and so should you.


Not Having an UPsell (or Cash Program) Everyone Wants

You have so much talent, knowledge and experience, and are the perfect pro to be offering my Ultimate Upsell. It's want every consumer NEEDs right now -- even kids. 

You can boost profit and cash, -- and have the business you've always dreamed of -- but you gotta reboot. Join the challenge.


Not Promoting Enough

Once you start offering my Ultimate Upsell, you'll want to promote all the time. Clients will promote for you on social media making it easier, but you will also want to promote even more!


Not Learning How to Get Staff  Doing What You Want Them To Do

Getting staff to do new things such as offering elective services, promoting cash programs, or selling UPsells, is key to increasing profit and cash.

But not only that,...

Getting therapists to change from their old habits to be more efficient with documentation, treatment, and discharge,...


Admin to adopt better procedures, activation call wording, etcetera...


Getting employees to feel valued and heard and providing a safe space for them to learn and make mistakes is key to building a strong team. But it's not common sense.

Learn the 3-Step Secret to Reboot employee commitment and get better results.


Trying to Grow Upon An Unsteady Foundation

If you don't like the way your business is right now, adding more on top of it won't help.

If you add more of the same = you get more of the same.

  (Can make things worse).

Signs of an Unsteady foundation:
- Need to be present for things to run correctly 

- Fires come up regularly

- Patients "fall-off" or self-discharge (stop coming) regularly
- No real Patient Retention plan

- If revenue stopped, you'd be out of business within 90 days

- Undercurrent of fear that it may all come crumbling down

- Don't enjoy it as much as you'd like

Make your business where you like it first.

Plug the holes. Reboot it. Then when you add more on top of it, you'll like it even more. I show you how in the 3-hr Clinic Reboot.


Sacrificing Health While Pushing and Pushing...

If you have to drag yourself out of bed, have trouble putting on clothes, getting in/out of the car, (and don't like seeing yourself in the mirror) ... your health needs your attention -- more than your business.

Your mind won't be as sharp. You are less confident. That's no place to be making decisions from.

(And if you do make some decisions while in this state, you're lucky if they turn out right.)

I show you my 7-minute Morning Routine to get healthy, fit & confident fast.


Not Using Preset Calendars

Owners don't have the luxury of someone looking over our shoulder, reminding us of what to do and when to do it ...

...many things fall-through-the-cracks regularly as we get sucked into the vortex of day-to-day.

Important things get neglected. Using preset calendars solves all that. 

You don't have to plan your life 12 months in advance but your business should. Join the challenge.

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