Physical Therapist
Founder of IndeFree
Sports Medicine PT
Private Practice Owner

Quick Snapshot

  • Physical Therapist since 1996

  • Private Practice Owner since 1997

  • Legal advisor to attorneys on physical and occupational therapy law
  • Expert Witness in cases for billing, coding, documentation, and clinical practice
  • Coached over 800 of the top practices in the country since 2002
  • National instructor on billing for physical and occupational therapy
  • Public & MotivationalSpeaker for 16 years
  • Missionary to S. Korea, Ecuador, Thailand

  • Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do for 20 years

  • Strength &Powerlifter for 12 years

  • Educator for 22 years

Some of my personal side…

  • Golfing, fishing (w my babies), reading, tae-kwon do, eating, fitness, guitar, are hobbies I love.
  • My 3 dogs (2 from rescue and 1 golden) are my ‘adopted’ children.
  • Mission trips are always meaningful, rewarding, and life-changing.  This is me in a refugee camp in Thailand.  Christians are being persecuted in Burma and therefore are fleeing to the Thai border. This picture might ‘look’ pleasant but much suffering is going on.

Some things that I believe…

That it’s not where you ARE but in which direction you are moving that matters most.

It’s not the strongest or most intelligent that are most successful in private practice, but the one that adapts to change extremely well.

Every physical therapist should think about private practice by year 5 of being out of school.

Every practice can be successful as long as they put aside ego and get help by those who are already successful. Not to be  copycat but to learn sound success principles.

Common causes of failure in…

What others say about me…

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James is an expert in the field of physical therapy business concepts. He is a leader in innovative marketing, effective clinic setup and team building for effective positive patient outcomes. His courses are thebest: an eye-opening learning experience. They are well worth your time and money. –Bert Reitsma, PT

James Ko and his organization have been instrumental in assisting with marketing materials and planning in the growth of my business. I highly recommend James’ services to anyone who is looking to grow their practice. –Lester Hammond, PT, Central FL

James is an industry leader in the field of practice management and his expertise has helped me with various things such as audit proofing our documentation and procedures; and also with insurance fight back collection letters. He has many ideas on practice building with a lot of real world experience with what works. –Adrian Melero, Acupuncturist, Miami FL

Anyone in private practice or considering starting one absolutely needs to attend one of James’ courses! I attribute much of our business success to the information and advice he has shared with us! He remains an invaluable business and professional resource for me. –Andre Huu, PT, Texas

James provides excellent business advice for those starting or running a private health care practice. He understands and conveys how to obtain client connections and improve services and client interactions, as well as how to most effectively work with all 3rd parties. –Richard Feingold, Business Manager

I loved the energy that James presents with.  He provides tremendous focus on what NEEDS to be done and how to do it well!  I love that he challenges us to bring out our own truth so that we can identify our goals, our desires in business, and also plan our timeframes and deadlines. –Julia Osbourne, PT, Colorado

James is very sharp on all aspects of our profession.  He has great energy and I very much respect all he has done.  His insight and understanding of people and how they react to psychology is exceptional. –JB Dudley, PT, Minnesota

James speaks from the heart.  You know how in those seminars you have to pay extra for each additional information…James is thorough.  He leaves no stone unturned.  He covers everything you need to know about succeeding in private practice from A to Z. –Laura Coppee, PT

James is passionate and believes in what he is doing.  We got tons of great real world information that will help us get our business up and running now.  The Class gave us the motivation to go for it. –David Ondrick, Renew PT, NY

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National media I’ve been featured in…

Some professional accomplishments include…

  • I’m the senior advisor and head instructor of this program for healthcare practitioners. I graduated from Loma Linda University in 1996.  I am the founder and elite therapist for the national Center for Clinical Excellence.
  • I have successfully developed the STAR Physical Therapy Network in Southern California and have developed and consulted on numerous facilities across the country, including my own IndeFree PT & Pain Centers. I also direct and lead as President of IndeFree Association.

Some additional professional experiences include…

  • Executive Ergonomic Advisor to Circuit City and Viewsonic Corporations
  • Professional Consultant and Developer of the Rehabilitation Division of Brea Community Hospital
  • Professional Consultant and Developer of the Industrial Medicine unit at the Walnut Industrial Medical Center
  • Professional Consultant and Programs Developer of the Rehabilitation Division of the Whittier Area Parents for the Adult Developmentally Handicapped Association
  • Professional Consultant and Developer of Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Department of Revive Centers
  • Physical Therapist Contributor and Reviewer of the book,“Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy” by Kenneth Moses, MD.

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