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"Most practices are making
costly mistakes right now!"
- James Ko, PT

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"Private Practice Secrets"
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Washington, DC AUG 15-16
17 (Sun):  Employee & Front Desk Training
Chicago, IL SEP 12-13
Dallas, TX OCT 3-4
5 (Sun):  Clinical Excellence...

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Private Practice
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Clinical Excellence
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Be Wary of...
   Courses that bait you...
   Non-therapists teaching...

Other courses, blogs, "experts"...



"It's not the strongest practices
that will survive and grow,
nor the most intelligent,
but the ones most adaptable to change."

-James Ko, PT


Want to Increase Reimbursement?
Get the secrets to increasing your dollars per session, renegotiating contracted rates, and how to grow by dropping some plans! You should be taking these steps now before it's too late...

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The practice of the future will be 30-50% cash clients. Are you making the adjustment now before it's too late?

Cancellation & No-Shows Are Killing Your Profits! Implement this 3 step plan for success to eliminating no-shows and cancellations!

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Are G-CODES, MODIFIERS, and Other Billing Issues GETTING YOU DOWN? It's not that complicated. Learn everything you need to know. And, how to implement easily!

AUDIT PROOF YOUR PRACTICE IN 3 EASY STEPS! Audits, scrutiny, and requests for refunds will increase dramatically for next 5-7 years. Learn more

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Optional advanced courses go more in-depth on certain notable topics.  Add them whenever available, IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT PRIVATE PRACTICE SUCCESS. 
All courses taught by real therapists and are CEU eligible.  A step-by-step manual is provided at the course along with other resource materials and hand-outs.  BONUS (for a limited-time): You will also receive one-year of free support after the class for help and easy implementation.  With a 100% money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose!     ADD-a-BUDDY for only $199 to any class!   *Class completed/closed.  Maximum of 30 attendees per class.




Your Competition is Gearing Up for Success
During this Down Economy,
Are You?
 Reasons Why YOU Need to Take the IndeFree Course:

1) It's NOT common sense.  True success in private practice today requires that you acquire very specific business skills and that you implement new and better systems.  You can't keep using those forms and procedures you stole from prior employers.  You can't keep winging it.  It simply does not work anymore.  There are better ways, proven effective ways, and we can show you how.

2) Patients are shopping around.  As patient's pay more out-of-pocket (due to rising deductibles, coinsurance and co-pays) they are becoming more "value-conscious".  You can't treat the way you have been treating in the past.  You must apply fast-acting techniques AND increase the perceived value of your services or you will not survive.

3) Don't trust others.  It seems every one has an opinion as the economy gets worse.  More and more practices are struggling and as a result the so-called "consultants" are crawling out of the woodwork to take advantage.  Don't be fooled.  Unless they are currently running a successful practice themselves most of what they say is hypothetical and probably do NOT apply to the NEW dynamics and challenges of today.  We are real therapists with real practices with real tested solutions.  Our mission is to empower independence and freedom to PT/OT's so we keep everything affordable AND don't try to take advantage of you, our fellow brother and sister.

Be Wary of...
   Courses that bait you...
   Non-therapists teaching...

Other courses, blogs, "experts"...

Physical therapy and occupational therapy, private practices are seeing a decrease in revenue due to Medicare and private insurance companies attempting to curb costs in preparation for the rise in healthcare needs of the baby-boomer population. This problem is accentuated by the fact that cost of living has dramatically increased compelling job-seeking therapists to demand higher salaries and pay. The typical private practice is challenged to strike a sensitive balance of controlling costs while trying to maintain high quality care. Some therapists who have been in the PT business for many years are finding this challenge too difficult and are choosing to sell or close their their practices. At the same time, more and more PT and OT's are choosing to open up their own practices due to the low industry pay scales and rising demand for our services. This dynamic has caused more competition where many therapists are now in fierce battle with one another. This is hurting our industry.

This lack of collaboration is weakening our profession giving insurance companies and other entities open opportunity to take advantage of our divided state. IndeFree is dedicated to empowering PT and OT's with advanced business skills in marketing, billing, practice management, and leadership. We teach you advanced skills on how to fight insurance companies, collaborate with fellow PT/OT's, and develop cash-pay programs. We are the nations leading provider of advanced business and physical therapy education courses. No one can match our member satisfaction and loyalty ratings. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all of our courses. Every physical and occupational therapist is important to us. Take a course today and begin your road to independence and freedom today!


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