Independence & Freedom

Through Private Practice Success

“This is the BEST time to be in private practice
if you are doing it right.”  Read more.


Common Questions

  1. What are some good ways to get more new patients these days?
  2. 9 Reasons to Get Help?
  3. Common Causes of Failure in Private Practice 
  4. How much money can I make in private practice?
    Find out how you compare to others.
  5. What are some big mistakes being made right now?

 New Practice Startup

It’s one of the best times to start a physical therapy clinic…if you do it right. Learn more.

Experienced Practice Owners

It’s time to take your practice to another level. Don’t wait…or you could suffer. Learn more.

Specialty Clinics (ie. Pediatrics, Hand Therapy, etc.)

Learn how to increase profitability by streamlining paperwork and clinical pathways. The demand is growing, are you positioned for growth? Learn more.

“Over $160,000 per month for the last 6 months.”


“The best part is learning new things and coming out from the box. I liked the best the revolutionized approaches developed. Definitely you need to go. It can change you totally and you will break out from what’s conventional.”  – Sarah Jean Mapili, PT 9 yrs Rochester Hills, MI

“Passed the $1,000,000 mark our second year.”


“Even for seasoned private practitioners, this course will revolutionize the way you practice and empower you as a clinician and a business owner.”  – Dr. Susan Sahler, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA (30 years practicing) Martinez, GA

“I liked best the tools that we were given to take home and apply immediately.” “It’s worth it.  You will learn so much.  Don’t even think about considering any other courses.” –Rene Summerville, PT 11 yrs. Owner 8 yrs Westmont, IN

Big Mistakes Made by Most Private Practices>>>


“It’s not WHERE you are, but in which direction you are going that matters most.” -James

Change Your Mindset

The change from the road of failure to the road of success is usually accomplished with a MINOR shift in perspective.

Most physical therapists are pretty stubborn. So stubborn in fact that great treasures waiting under their very noses are often overlooked–when just seeing things a little differently is all it takes to getting them. Great example in video below.



“Is your practice REMARKABLE or like all the rest?”

If you are the same as everyone else, no one will talk about you. If you are BETTER  than others, some may talk about you. But if you are DIFFERENT than others, everyone will talk about you.

physical therapy private practice

In Private Practice


Building a Physical Therapy Private Practice
That is Truly “Independent & Free”

I asked over 2,000 physical and occupational therapy private practice owners over the past 12 years, a simple question…

“What do you like LEAST about having your own private practice?”

The top 3 responses were:

1. “Insurance reimbursement decline and problems!” 2. “Marketing for new referrals!” 3. “Long hours and late nights!” When asked, “What do you like MOST?” the #1 answer was an astounding, “The independence and freedom!”

IMPORTANT: Read this entire section, if you are serious about gaining true financial independence and professional freedom through private practice success.

If you want true independence and freedom, your private practice must maximize cash flow from insurances as well as cash paying patients, energize referrals from physicians and patient family and friends. And your practice must not require long hours and late nights. It should make you money regardless of you being there or not! The fact-of-the-matter is, building a successful therapy private practice today is very different than ever before. It’s nothing like it used to be. And since the rules have changed so much, it’s no wonder why many practices are failing. It’s much like building a house of the future. Since you’ve never done it before, you can’t really expect to know how. You may know enough to buy concrete, lumber, drywall, nails, etcetera but when it comes time to putting it all together, without a blueprint can you expect to succeed? Okay, for those who are very handy and resourceful, you may get some of the remodel started, or maybe the foundation and framing going, but getting everything else to fit right and be sturdy…no way!  At some point you’ll realize the need for a detailed professional plan. Physical therapists are very stubborn. Some take years of suffering and bleeding before realizing they NEED HELP. Sadly for some it comes much too late.

We offer you the blueprint to private practice success in physical and occupational therapy

Anyone can teach you about internet marketing, sending newsletters, properly billing insurances–heck, we teach you that too, but building a practice for real success goes way beyond that. It involves laying a strong foundation of consistent new referral flow, positive cash flow, and quality patient treatment flow, automatically. IndeFree can teach you better than any other, guaranteed. You can waste years trying to figure it out on your own (like most private practices)—through blogs, books, audios, videos, asking other people who don’t even own private practices, waiting, with no guarantee . . . or you can get guidance and coaching from a pro and get the know-how to true success instantly! Most of the teachings out there now are things everyone else is already doing. Many are copy-cat consultants that are just trying to make a buck. True success will only come when you start doing things that NO ONE ELSE IS EVEN THINKING ABOUT! Your practice will only be as good as the decisions you make while developing it.  Make a wise one and get coaching today. Your future depends on it.

Important for those ALREADY in private practice:

As you begin learning the step-by-step methods, you may be surprised to find how instantly it can be applied with referrals and profits increasing steadily over time. To help you understand how this is possible and why all physical therapists aren’t doing it, here are some facts:

  1. First, the change from the road of failure to the road of success is usually accomplished with a MINOR shift in perspective.
  2. Second, most physical therapists are pretty stubborn. So stubborn in fact that great treasures waiting under their very noses are often overlooked–when just seeing things a little differently is all it takes to getting them.


“When you change the way you look at things.. the things you look at change.”

Each coaching option, found below, will take you through a step-by-step program that:

-Is easy to learn, easy to apply -Doesn’t cost much money -Produces immediate results -Brings instant profit Simply put – choose an option, get the learning, go and do it! It’s that simple. Could you ever make a wiser decision? The demand for our services is skyrocketing–more than ever before! A lot of money is to be made in private practice but most physical therapists don’t know how! That’s why you see non-therapists and corporations flocking into get a piece of the pie. Part of the problem is many are holding onto the old idea of what a “private practice” should be and most therapists lack true business skills. Despite direct access spreading throughout the country, we as physical therapists will never gain true autonomy and strength as independent practitioners until we learn how to work together, with our fellow brothers and sisters, in succeeding in the private sector doing things our way, the right way. My name is James Ko, and I’m a physical therapist in private practice. I’m also the president and founder of IndeFree.  Our affordable coaching programs are an affordable and easy way for you to master the skills of driving consistent new referrals from patients and physicians, commanding high pay from insurances and cash patients, and automating daily operations.

You’ll become an expert in private practice as you gain information and teaching unavailable anywhere else. 

Only physical therapists with true experience and success with the skills necessary for today’s climate can share the insights and secrets necessary to help other therapists succeed. The best part there’s a No Risk Guarantee that comes with every coaching program. Most physical therapy private practices across the country are operating at only 5% of the success that is available to them.  Only 5% out of the hundred that is possible in terms of their space size, potential clientele, revenue, cash flow, referrals and profits! There is only one number one measure that I look for when performing an analysis of a physical therapy business (or occupational therapy business), to determine the “successfulness” of it.  Surprisingly, it’s not the number of patients seen per week, or new patients intaked per month, or even the revenue collected. These number can be good but yet the owner NOT be happy, or be able to sleep at night. There is only ONE quantifiable measurement that can truly indicate how stable and strong the practice is and will be… And I’ll REVEAL it to you when we meet. Just knowing the answer will transform your practice!

I look forward to meeting you soon!


James Ko, PT/Founder IndeFree



“Valuable information. Well worth the price! I encourage people in my profession, OT’s, to also take this course and begin applying James’ principles in our profession.” – Marc Dy, OT 5 years private practice 2 years Nashville, TN

“Just do it.” “I paid thousands to Survival Strategies and have nothing but questions and confusion to show for it.  Not anymore–I feel now like I have a concrete place to start and go for advice and will actually get it!” – Sharmila Quenimmitter, SLP 5 yrs Los Angeles, CA

“A lot of useful information. Very dynamic! It is a must for every private practice owner if you want to be successful.” – Alina Fish, PT 20 yrs Owner 2 yrs Huntingdon Valley, PA

“James is awesome.  He will amaze you!” “Take the course.  It will save you money and mistakes.” – Kimber Glick, OT Private Practice 4 yrs Visalia, CA

“Make the decision and do it!” “I appreciate the many innovative ideas. I hope to implement many of them. I really thought the tools you gave us were in valuable. Even after 10 years in private practice, I learned many techniques to improve the profitability of my practice. Thank you. You have given me new hope.” – Dan Swanner, PT 15 yrs Owner 10 yrs Ojai, CA

“James and Hana were energetic, organized, and very informative.” “This course would be beneficial for anyone (allied health) considering opening their own practice.””First trip to Chicago…okay””Weekend with my husband…wonderful!””IndeFree course and materials…priceless!” – Brittney Brison, SLP 14 yrs Collinwood, TN

“Excellent information before and already in private practice.” “Highly recommended.  I’m so glad I attended this course.  We learned the hard way when my husband, a chiropractor, started his practice.  I think I’ll have him attend this course next time.” – Maria Cecilia Samalio, PT 19 yrs Michigan City, IN

“Very exciting information! Great tools to take back and implement immediately. My practice will change. Go as soon as you can so you can start the right way! I feel like a different therapist leaving this course. I truly feel this course has changed my future!” – Leslie Winters, PT 10 yrs Owner 1 yr Kahoko, MO

“I loved the energy that James presents with.  He provides tremendous focus on what NEEDS to be done and how to do it well!  I love that he challenges us to bring out our own truth so that we can identify our goals, our desires in business, and also plan our timeframes and deadlines.” “You NEED to do this course.  It will save you life, not just your business!  James has developed a brilliant system that works.” – Julia Osbourne, PT 14 yrs Denver, CO

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