Ko's CourseLAUNCH

How This Program Creates You a Breakout Course & Gets You Limitless Income Week After Week -- So You Can Work From Home or Anywhere, Anytime, On Your Terms (And Complete Your March to Million)

CourseLAUNCH is designed and optimized for PT/OT Clinic Owners who don't have time to

 create, market and sell an online course but want to reap all the rewards of having one. Let me show you how (and why) it works so you can start your March to Million faster than you ever thought possible.

We Help You Create It

We take your idea (or help you choose a topic), validate it, help you create the modules & lessons, structure & sequence it, and set it up on our software platform.

Promote & Sell It For You

We create a sales page for your course, then drive as many people as we can, from multiple channels, so you LAUNCH & sell with a bang!

Then, We Hand It Over To You!

We train you, and your staff, on the mechanics of it so you can seamlessly take it over.

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The Best Way For PT/OT's 

Get 2-10x More Applicants Without Spending More!

When you have a "Recruiting Page" that sells the job AND provides a quick and easy way to apply online, you get more candidates.

Placing a banner on your website that links to the Recruiting Page, gets you free organic leads immediately.

It makes it easier to promote your job opening through free social media channels and your community.

Get Top Applicants Working For You

Recruiting is much like marketing. If you don't sell the job, candidates won't buy. If you don't give them a great reason to work for you, they go to your competitor.  Ko's system gives you a huge advantage in the vast and competitive recruiting market.  You stand-out and get noticed as the top choice for jobseekers. And it's all done without you having to lift a finger or "sell-ing" yourself. Nice, right?!

Enjoy Peace of Mind & Focus On Growing Your Business

Surveys and studies report that the number one cause of headache for most business owners are employees. When your recruiting is weak forcing you to keep bad/mediocre employees, it creates anxiety and stress. It prevents you from growing your business.  The business owner is left feeling "tied-down" and "held-back".

Installing a system that delivers high quality candidates -- one that you can amp up or turn down at will -- gives you control over this essential component to business success.

You enjoy peace of mind. You enjoy running your business again.



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