How to Use Your knowledge In a Much More Profitable Way By

Creating An Online Course That Sells OnDemand, 24/7/365 -- And Make An Extra $100,000 (or More) Every Year In Passive Income

So That You Can Shortcut Your Path to Wealth -- (No matter if you think you can teach or hate being on video).

Don't have an idea yet (or unsure)? No problem.  Let me show you how (and why) it works.  -Ko

"How Long Does It Take to Create a Course?" And

"How much $$$ can I make in 12-months?"

Choose From one of 3 Types of courses...

If this is your first course, Ko recommends starting with one of these options...

  1. 1
    Pain Relief For Consumers: With over 80% of all Americans experiencing some kind of musculoskeletal pain, this one's a no-brainer. Especially since many are disenchanted with the medical system and hate taking pills.  You'll have sales flowing in instantly!
  2. 2
    Teach Other PT/OT's a Technique You're Good At:  If you are doing something that's working really well on your patients, and consistently getting results, why not teach it to the entire PT/OT community?  We must pay for CEU every year anyhow.  Why not it be your course?!
  3. 3
    Business Skill or Clinic Running Skill (for other practice owners):  I'm sure you're doing something in your clinic business that's working out really well for you.  It might be something that's helping you manage staff better, collect from insurance better, or fill your schedule better.  Whatever it is, we want it! And we're happy to pay for it!

FACT:  Every course has the potential to make $1 million when done right.

(Optional) Do this To Turbo-Charge Your March to Million!

A "Breakout Course" can generate $1M on its own but when you ADD something else to sell through your course, you accelerate your March to Million!  You have a captive audience so why not maximize it!


It could be a device, supply, bands,...anything thats related to your course.


Create your own supplement or quickly "White-label" one. Either way, it can 2-3x your income instantly.


If you ever wanted to invent a therapy device (or anything else), this is your chance to create it since you now have a captive audience of buyers for it!


Why not sell your in-person treatment program within your course. People will fly-in if you're good :)


This is an easy upsell. Offer your students a way to have real live access to you by doing some Group Coaching. Doesn't take much of your real time but can triple income!


Presell your next course to your current students.  After you see how easy and rewarding courses are, you'll want to make more Breakout courses for sure!

This is optional. You don't have to sell something else inside your course but it can accelerate your march to million.  We can help you choose and setup quickly. We have resource connections to make it happen :)

Is it time to replace...

  • 40+ hour work weeks
  • Tied down to a schedule
  • Evals, Reports
  • Billing
  • Insurances
  • Paperwork

With A Much More Profitable Path Like...

  • Work from home, or anywhere
  • Your time, your schedule
  • Travel at will
  • Exercise and get healthy
  • Family & friends
  • Time, Freedome, Independence

You've worked so hard for so long.  Don't you think you deserve it?

It's already being done by a small group of PT/oTs and it's 100% doable for you

It All starts with your first Breakout Course

• Don't have time to create a course? 

No problem. We do most of the work for you.

• Don't have an idea yet (or unsure)? 

No problem. We'll start from scratch or validate your idea to make sure it's "sellable".

• Don't like making videos? 

No problem. You don't need to.

 • Worried about legal liability? 

No problem. I got you covered. 

Even if you think...

  • I don't have anything to offer.
  • I can't teach.
  • I don't like making videos.
  • No one will buy my course.
  • I don't know what to do it on.

None of these can stop you.

There's no reason to wait forever to become wealthy. I'm going to show you how to use your knowledge, passion or skill in a much more profitable way.  Learn how CourseLAUNCH makes it easy for you to launch and begin your march to million!

Let me show you how easy it is to get started.  -Ko