Why Reset Your Metabolism

I want to talk to you about two very important topics.

One, is how to stay relevant as a PT/OT today and into the future.

Two, is how to sell our services for cash reliably and consistently.

Clinicians who are focusing on these two questions and taking steps to improve are seeing great rewards. While those who are not, well,… are not.

The good news is the solution is not difficult, complex or expensive.

The solution can be as easy as one 21-Day course. One great offer.

What I’m talking about is you offering a 21-Day course for your patients and community but first you going through it for yourself so that you can experience it, understand it, and are convinced of it’s value before selling it to your patients and community.

The course is on how to reset your metabolism.

And the reason why it’s so important to us is because,…

  • – metabolic syndrome is the #1 cause of chronic inflammation and pain that so many of our patients suffer from and
  • – exercise alone won’t fix it.
  • – our patients need it to get better results that last

In fact, many Americans don’t know they have metabolic syndrome.

But what they do know is they are feeling progressively worse with the following:

  • Tired
  • Achey (muscles & headache)
  • Bloated (overweight)


  • Moody

And they want a quick but natural fix (they hate taking pills).

So what I’m proposing is this,…

Starting Wednesday, February 1st, I will teach you how a person embarks on “Self-Care” and Resets their metabolism in order to resolve those annoying symptoms (mentioned above).

I will personally take you through the required foods, workouts and self-care routines myself.

It will all be done online.

Here’s what just one patient had to say after the 21-day course.


Not everyone needs to “reset” their metabolism but when the surgeon general says that 91% of adults and 69% of children are overfat due to poor health and inactivity, that’s a lot of people who need our help.

When our organs, hormones and enzymes are not functioning properly, nothing works.   Exercise and dieting alone won’t work.

And you, as a PT/OT, have everything you need to be offering this to the public.

You just need the sequencing, structure, and understanding — which I’ll be giving you during the 21-day course that starts Feb 1st.

If this sounds good to you, contact me to get an invite.


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