Why Patients Love Resetting Metabolism

First, let me start by saying…

Patients love resetting their metabolism because it stops aches, pains and fatigue, and simply makes them feel wonderful again (like they did back in their 20’s).

And the small number of PT/OT’s now offering it,
love the accolades of being deemed a “Miracle Worker” AND the huge influx of cash revenue – (consistent and reliable).

What exactly does it mean to “reset metabolism”?

The techinical definition is…

“The process of adjusting your body’s metabolic rate, which is the rate at which it burns calories and converts food into energy. This can be done through various methods such as diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. The goal of resetting your metabolism is to increase your body’s ability to burn calories more efficiently, which can lead to weight loss and improved overall health.”

But this is in layman’s terms.

The deeper science of it is to awaken the mitochondria of the cell.

Studies show that in over 90% of all Americans, there’s a problem with their mitochondria;
It’s either “sleepy”, dysfunctional, or turned OFF.

And when there’s a problem with the mitochondria of your cells, it gives rise to a host of health problems.

See graphic below

The good news is… it’s reversible.

And patients love it because it’s easy to do regardless of age or physical condition.

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It doesn’t require pills, surgery or heavy exercise.

And you, as a PT/OT, have everything you need to be offering this to the public.

It involves a short workout routine that can be modified for each of the 3 category of patient. 5 foods/nutrients to eat. 5 lifestyle modifications.

You just need the sequencing, structure, and understanding — which I’ll be giving you during the 21-day course that starts Feb 1st.

(heck, many of you will benefit and strengthen your own health 🙂

If this sounds good to you, contact me.


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