Story: Happy Birthday!

A clinic owner decided to go into work on her 42nd birthday.

She had nothing better to do so decided to see a few patients.

While at work, one of her employees came in 20 minutes late, looking disheveled, like she had just gotten out of bed.

“How dare she come into work looking like that?!”
thought the owner (shaking her head)

Throughout the morning, that same employee was not to be found on the floor where she’s supposed to be.

The owner shouted out upset, “Where’s Christina?!!”

Christina came running out from around the corner, “Here I am. Sorry. I had to put away some things…”

The owner furious and steaming sends her home without pay (contemplating firing her).

Later, once lunch time arrives, after all patients have been taken care of, the owner walked back to the employee lounge to grab her lunch.

To her surprise, the entire staff was there.

“Surprise!! (and they broke out singing) Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to you…”

The owner, shocked and elated, with her heart swelling up (never had she been surprised like this before) asks,

“Who planned all this?!”

And the staff say, “Christina!”

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