Owning a private practice is not enough to get you what you want.” -JamesPT

Many who start their own clinic quickly find that they become enslaved with the work, time, money and commitment it takes to run one.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you want to enjoy being your own boss and discover true independence and freedom, learn from those already doing it, apply proven methods and live the lifestyle you desire while doing something you love.

It doesn’t just happen by chance.

True independence and freedom requires…

  • magnetic marketing strategies that are proven to work so you don’t waste time or money
  • a new way of delivering care that is “result-based” versus mere treatments and services that are reimbursable
  • not allowing insurances to dictate your worth and your prices
  • freedom from physicians as the main way to gaining new patients
  • not relying on insurance reimbursement alone
  • having a healthy cash client channel
  • a solid team that wants to deliver world class care

…and this should happen whether you are physically there or not.

Many think that private practice can be figured out…

and they end up wasting a lot of time and money, suffering, spinning their wheels and burning out.

Luckily, some realize their need to get outside coaching and training from those who have already figured it out and are willing to share it.

Our mission here at IndeFree is to empower our profession by helping one therapist at a time.

We believe in order to make our profession strong, our members have to be strong.

So, that is what we do.

And it’s been extremely fulfilling 🙂

I know you might be thinking, “I don’t need a coach…and they will probably charge me an arm and a leg anyways.”

That’s not true.

The best get coaching…

and you’ll be presently surprised how affordable it can be to have an expert teach you and show you the way.

Many, just like you, have discovered how fulfilling it can be to NOT go at it alone. Such as Lilly Bojic, DPT with LillyPT. She says,…

Your guidance and help is priceless!”


Give us a call today at (800) 801-4511 to speak with us personally about where it is you want to go…and we’ll show you how to get there!




James Ko, PT/Lead Coach

P.s. You may want to consider the Online Coaching with James. Learn more here.