Insurance Portions

   What to do when say…

  • “It’s being processed”
  • “Collect from the patient”
  • “We never received it”
  • “It wasn’t medically necessary”
  • “It’s not usual, customary, or reasonable.”
  • “You filed untimely”
  • “You owe us money”

   What to do when they…

  • Deny a claim
  • Write poor language on the explanation of benefits statement
  • Stall from paying you


Patient Portions

  • Are there tools to make it easy to collect from patients?
  • What should I do when a patient won’t pay their bills?
  • Is it illegal for me to discount or waive patient portions?
  • Should I ever send a patient to collections?
  • Do I have to verify benefits with EVERY patient?

  • Why do attorneys always cut my bill?
  • How can I collect the full amounts?
  • How do I better negotiate with attorneys?
  • Should I charge for medical record requests?
State Agencies

  • How much should I charge for those disability reports?
  • What’s the max I can charge?

  • How do I see HMO patients if I’m NOT contracted?
  • How much should I charge?
  • I do have an HMO contract, how do I increase my pay?
  • How do I increase my reimbursement?