Cash Secrets

We will show you STEP-BY-STEP how to implement cash-based programs, quickly, affordably and legally!

There is a right and wrong way to implement cash-based services/programs.  Done correctly and you will enjoy abundant cash-flow.  Done incorrectly and you could get into trouble (with the PT Board and other agencies) and potentially lose your license.

Don’t be fooled!  There are cash programs that WORK and those that DON’T.  The region you are in and the demographics involved will determine which cash-based programs are BEST for you and your practice.  Here are some examples of cash programs that have been proven effective:

*Keep in mind that you must implement these programs correctly in order to ensure success.*

1. Weight-Loss

2. Pain Clinic

3. 830laser

4. Adolescent Sports Injury

5. Fast-Acting Pain Relief

6. Performance & Sports Enhancement

7. Post-Stroke

8. Body Sculpting