ADVANCED (See BASIC portion below)

Increasing Insurance Reimbursement

  • Is it possible?
  • What are the best codes to use for worker’s comp?
  • Medicare?
  • Personal Injury?
  • PPO’s?
  • HMO’s?
  • POS?
  • Liens?
  • Third-party Auto
  • TPA contracts
  • How do I increase my cash-paying patients?

  • What is the -59 modifier and how does it help me maximize my reimbursement?
  • When is it appropriate to use the -22 modifier? the -52?
Charging for Supplies

  • How much should I charge for electrodes?  iontophoresis pads?
  • What code should I use?
  • Can I charge for tape or hydrocortisone?
  • What code should I use?
Outsourcing -vs- In House

  • Which option is best for me?
  • How much should I be paying an outside billing service?
  • What type of reports should I be getting?
  • Am I collecting all that I should be?  How do I determine it?

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BASIC Billing Secrets


  • What are the best CPT and ICD-9 codes to use?
  • How many ICD-9 codes should I use with each diagnosis?
  • What are modifiers and should I use them?
  • Are there easy tools?
  • What are HCFA 1500 forms and do I even need to purchase them?


Electronic Submission

  • What’s the advantage of submitting my claims electronically?
  • What’s a CLEARING HOUSE?
  • How much does it cost?

  • Is there a good physical therapy billing software out there?
  • How much should I pay?
  • Should I do billing in-house myself or use an outside billing service?
  • If I DO IT MYSELF, what’s a good software?
  • If I use an OUTSIDE BILLING SERVICE, how much should I pay them?
  • Who is a good billing company?
  • What should I watch out for?  What questions should I ask?
Superbill -vs- “Fee slip”

  • What’s a fee slip?
  • Why should I use a fee slip?
  • Where do I get fee slips?
  • Why can’t I just simply use the superbill kinda like the one I used at my last job?