The PracticeLaunch Program with James Ko

How to START a New Practice, Do it Right, Save Money, Avoid Mistakes and Get Success Quickly

By Getting the Most Advanced Methods, Tools and Guidance Available in the PT/OT Industry




It's Important to Enjoy the Journey

Starting a private practice can be very exciting. And it should be. You have made a big step toward living your dream.

But the reality doesn't turn out well for everyone.

It didn't for me.

My first practice failed.

Here's a picture of my very first practice. I look so happy and so does my Moms.

It was great times...but little did I know what I was in for and what was going to happen.

I think the pictures are hilarious looking at them now.

I made so many mistakes...

I used my Moms as a model for an advertisement I was running. She looks so happy helping her son.

Many things have changed since these pictures...

That practice failed and closed down.

But since then I've opened up 7 more clinics successfully.

I've achieved many great successes in my life but...

My Moms has dementia now and it's the hardest thing I've ever gone through in my life.

No amount of money can buy her memory back.

I'm much older now and I've learned what's truly important.

I've learned to enjoy the journey.

Be smart.

Do it right...and enjoy the people you love along the way.

I've seen many new startups fail.

The worst example came from a new practice owner (from Chicago) who opened his doors January 2nd . . . and had to close it February 25th. Less than 6-weeks...

That's heart-breaking to see.

It's not common sense.

It's more than just...

  • getting space, 
  • filling it up with equipment,
  • slapping up a sign,
  • getting on insurance plans,
  • getting a few doctors to refer,
  • and billing insurances.

It's much more than that.

It's even more than making sure you get paid for your services and making sure patients are happy.

It's about...BEING SMART

It's about putting your ego aside and learning one of the most important skills you'll ever have to learn. A skill that directly affects your livelihood, your future, and your family. And learn that skill  from someone else, an expert, someone who's done it before.

So that you can do it right and enjoy the journey.

It's about being smart.

This is where most new startups fail.

They throw themselves into the technical steps of starting a practice that they neglect the most important part of success...which is establishing an endless stream of new patients (and a lot of it).

It's not common sense.

Don't make these big mistakes...

3 Big Mistakes Made When Starting Up...

1) Thinking "I can do it on my own. I can figure it out myself."

No one thinks they are going to fail. They might fear it, but they don't believe it. And failing is not only just having to close your doors. It's getting sucked in, being trapped, feeling drained, frustrated, scared and stressed. Failure comes in many forms. We learn most important things in life from someone else--reading, writing, driving, etc. Why wouldn't you learn how to start a business from an expert? 

2) Overspending on the WRONG things.

It's really easy to lose sight and spend too much when starting a new practice (Over 90% of all new startups overspend).  The little expenses add up, fast. And most do not budget correctly and end up NOT spending enough on the right things--things that lead success. This is a common mistake. It happens to most startups and they suffer for it.

​​​​3) Winging It.

The world of business is brutal. I know firsthand...because my first practice failed. I put in over $170,000 and two years of my life and it failed. It's brutal. But if you approach it correctly, you can win. Most things in life (that are important), we learn from someone else. Such as reading, driving, and more. Starting your own practice without getting proper training is a recipe for disaster today.

How to Start a Practice the SMART Way for Proven Success

Get the proven ways to launch a practice successfully that gets you profiting quickly. So you can avoid the mistakes and suffering that so many experience. So you can immediately start focusing on growth instead of survival.


1) How to Budget and Create a Plan for Success
2) Secrets on How to BEST Spend Your Money (and time) for Maximum Return on Investment
3) How to choose a location and get the best deal on commercial space.
4) How to Market using the best methods and get patients immediately.
5) "Break-Even" Quickly and Get to Profiting quickly
6) How to avoid costly legal mistakes without spending a ton on lawyers.
7) How to sell your services for cash and insurances even if you're not in-network with all plans.


There are a lot of tricks and secrets that can save you a lot of money and kick-start your business much easier. But you don't know it your first time around. You don't know it even your second time around. I started over 7 clinics and eventually I learned and realized that my first 3 attempts were done incorrectly. 


  • The 3 "Starter Steps" that most don't do (and don't even think about) that costs them dearly ($1,000 value).
  • The BEST software to use for your unique practice. (This could save you thousands not to mention headache and time)
  • How to immediately save $15,000 to $90,000 right from the get-go even before you start ($15k to $90k value).
  • How to design the layout of your clinic for max efficiency and positive energy that your patients will love ($1,500 value)
  • The equipment you need before you start AND the equipment you should purchase ONLY AFTER opening your doors ($500 value)
  • The best business entity you should form that greatly reduces your tax liability ($100 value).
  • The #1 single biggest mistake you absolutely must avoid if you want a smooth and successful launch! ($1,000 value)
  • How to have 20 new patients lined-up and ready to go before you even open! ($5,000 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $24,100 to $99,100


The days of riding on the coat-tails of physicians are gone. Patients no longer start or come to therapy just because their doctor tells them to. They did before, but not anymore.

If you do not know how to get patients wanting to "buy-in" to their therapy program and fully commit, guess what?... They don't.

It's a hard lesson for many new startups but eventually they realize they need help.

But you can avoid all that.


  • How to Convert Out-of-Network Patients and get them wanting to pay.
  • How to Convert High-Deductible Patients and Get Them Committing to Your Program
  • How to Intake Patients the correct way that ensures a great 1st impression and relationship for life.
  • How to Sell "Elective" services and dramatically increase revenue and income.
  • How to Attract "Cash Pay" Clients and Get Paid All Upfront



You may think, "I can figure it out on my own." or "I can do it better (than where I worked before)." Most every startup owner believes this to some degree.

But the truth of the matter is, it takes years to understand how everything works and fits together to make a practice work let alone smooth and profitably.

Even fools learn from their own mistakes, but the wise learn through the mistakes of others.

Marketing System

  • How to get physicians to refer to you exclusively
  • How to beat the local hospitals, POPTS, and corporations
  • How to use the internet to 10x your new patient volume
  • Direct access marketing
  • How to use workshops, Open Clinics, and free screens to grow
  • ($10,000 value)

Billing System

  • How to Get On Insurances (If you want)
  • How to Negotiate the Best Rates with Insurances
  • How to stay compliant with Medicare Laws
  • How to get Cash Clients legally
  • How to help cash clients apply payments to their deductible
  • What software is best for me?
  • ($3,000 value)


  • What other software do I need besides EMR, billing and scheduling?
  • What free apps help to increase profits?
  • ($1,000 value)

Administrative & Legal System

  • HIPAA Compliance Made Easy
  • City Regulations
  • PT Board Regulations
  • Employer Laws
  • OSHA
  • ADA Compliance
  • Insurance Fraud Laws
  • Federal Anti-Kickback Statutes
  • ($5,000 value)

Employee System

  • How to hire
  • What to watch out for
  • Forms required
  • Employer laws
  • Labor commissioner
  • Labor laws
  • Job descriptions
  • Employee policies
  • ($3,000 value)

Financial System

  • How to eliminate bookkeeping headaches and avoid nightmares
  • Credit card processing secrets
  • Patients pay online
  • Daily intake procedures
  • Quarterly tax process
  • How to save $8,000 per year on accountant fees?
  • How to avoid $10,000 attorney fees?
  • And more.
  • ($2,000 value)

Front Desk System

  • Best computers to get
  • Phone systems
  • Best Intake procedures
  • Fax
  • Messages
  • Emails
  • Best New Patient Paperwork
  • Legal Forms
  • Policies & Procedures
  • ($3,000 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $27,000



This is more important than you think. Your website is your identity, it's your bridge to the world wide web and the huge channel of patients waiting for you there.

Most web designers will ask you,

"What do you want it to look like, and what do you want it to say?"

The difference with us...

We tell you exactly what it should look like AND what it should say.

All the guesswork is gone.

And you end-up with a proven tool that generates more patients and catapults your business forward successfully into the 21st century!

($5,000 value):

Sure, you can get a website made for $800 by a cousin, past patient, or designer who makes websites. Heck, you can even build one yourself for free. But you get what you pay for. And making a mistake when it comes to your website is VERY COSTLY.

Your website comes with these world-class features absolutely free:

  • Free Hosting for 1-year
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Auto-Back Up, Hack-Proof
  • Auto Security
  • Free Company Emails

2) Ranking on Google and all other major search engines ($3,000 value)


3) Brochures/Rack Cards for Services ($1,500 value)

4) Window Graphics ($1,000 to $2,000 value)

5) Full "Take-By-The-Hand" VIP Support (24/7) from IndeFree ($1,000 value)

6) 10 Private Video Coaching Sessions with James ($4,000 value)

7) Access to James' Library of Video Trainings: you can watch at your leisure and have access for life! ($10,000 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $26,000

Don't Trust Your Identity, Brand and Advertising to Just Any "Dime-a-Dozen" Graphic Designer
Trust the experts with over 15 years of experience helping PT and OT's discover true success.

Grand Total Value: $82,000 to $156,000

For the Cost of ONE Low-Level Employee You Get an Expert Team That Delivers True Results

What Others Say...

"The best way to put it is...we were generating over $180,000 a month before our 8th month in practice. We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much. We love you guys."

(Now has over 45 staff)

Weldon Russo, OT and Luke McKenzie, PT

Fort Worth PT (TX)

"If you do this before you open your practice, you will save 10x the money. This helped us go from zero to 2 practices. Thank you so much for everything you do."

(Went from zero to two clinics)

Jeff & Katie Hohman, PT

Hohman Rehab (FL)

"The benefits of this program was huge for me. Having someone who's there when you need him, who's been through the ups and downs, and knows how to get you to where you want to be. It was a no-brainer."

(Opening a 2nd location soon)

Jesse Elliott, PT

Siskiyou PT (OR)

"Hands down one of the best decisions I ever made was simply having James mentor me. I'm grateful for him every day."
(Went from zero to two clinics)

Mindy Murray, OTR

KIT Therapy (HI and ID)

"The amount of NEW PATIENTS you get through this program makes it an incredible deal!"

How the
PracticeLaunch Program
with James Ko Works

This program is only for those who want to be smart and do it correctly right from the start.

It's for those who realize they don't know it all and can put aside their egos for the sake of success.

This is NOT for you if...

You like learning from your own mistakes,
You think you know it all,
You think you don't need help.


For less than the cost of ONE low-level employee (such as an aide, admin asst, etc.), you get James Ko and the entire IndeFree team on your side for 12-months for guaranteed success.

You get legal forms, tools, video trainings, online resources, and more. Anything and everything to ensure your success.

Private sessions with James are scheduled according to what you and James Ko deems best.

Get James (& the Entire IndeFree Team) On Your Side for 12-Months for less than the cost of one low-level employee!

Do it right.

Launch the Smart Way.

Save Money.

Avoid Headaches & Costly Mistakes.

Profit Quickly.

Don't get into trouble.

Enjoy the Journey.

"Just the Free Website, Google Ranking, and Advertising Materials Alone Make This an Unbelievable Deal!!"


How often are the coaching sessions?

  • The private coaching sessions are typically 2x per month to start and weans to once per month. But you and James will determine what best suits your needs.

Does it include legal forms, patient intake forms, and other tools?

  • Yes. You get all of James proprietary forms, tools, and templates. Take all the guesswork out of starting a practice by getting everything you need already done for you :)

Does it include software?

  • James will tell you the BEST software for your unique practice. There are over 80 software options out there. Don't waste time demo-ing all of them, and definitely don't get on the wrong one since that can cost you a lot of headache, money and time. Follow James' lead and win!

Will this help me generate more patients?

  • Absolutely. That's one of the greatest challenges for new clinics is getting enough patients to meet expenses. But even more importantly, James shows you how to get paid higher than anyone else in your region.

Can my partner (or employee) get the coaching with me?

  • Yes. Most of the coaching is also good for your partner or employee to learn as well. If there is something James feels is for your eyes/ears only, he will tell you.

Will you help train my staff?

  • Yes, of course. James may also give you staff training videos (or help you create your own). That way you can have automated training forever :)

What if I don't like the program?

  • If you are ever not happy with the program, just let us know and we will do what is necessary to make sure you are fully satisfied. We guarantee results or your money-back.

"You are going to spend at least this much money when starting a new practice anyways so why not get all the bonuses, an expert, 10x the value, AND get to your dream practice quickly without wasting time, energy and money?
It's a no brainer!"

There's no smarter way to start a practice AND no better deal available anywhere, guaranteed."


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