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How to Get Massive Referrals from Physicians Without Leaving Your Office

Even When They Have Their Own PT or Belong to a Hospital

For Cash & Insurance Based Private Practices

In this free PDF Download, you'll learn . . .

  • The single greatest mistake made by 95% of all new (or desperate) practice owners
  • Simple strategies used by James Ko, PT to get over 100 patients per month within 8-months
  • A simple trick to boost referrals within days not months

The Great Thing About Physician Referrals is . . .

  • Patients are Typically More Compliant
  • The Flow is Steady From Month to Month
  • It Doesn't Cost You Anything

James Ko, PT shows other therapists how to gain a steady flow of referrals from physicians without ever leaving their office.

(James with his kids Mac and Cozy)

He shares how his first practice failed even though he went door-to-door to doctor offices for months.

When he was forced to close his office, he was devastated. But he decided to try again. This time, he decided to do everything differently. 

He discovered the secret to getting doctors to refer patients without leaving his office.

Within 8 months, he exploded reaching over 100 referrals per month, all without going door-to-door.

James is currently preparing a national chain of physical therapy clinics.

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