Confidential: Member Only Rates

These discounted rates are for members/prior attendees only. The cost is based on region, travel times, and number of days.
The below prices include the cost of your coach’s…

  • Air travel time.
  • Land travel time
  • Airfare*
  • Preparation time
  • Hotel sleep room*
  • Rental Car
  • Meals*
  • Parking
  • Expenses

*Coach and assistant.

“The Onsite Team Training program will take your practice to another level. It will pay dividends almost immediately!” -Chad Clark, DPT/Owner

2015 Cost Table (Member’s Only)
(Rates have been typically rising each year)

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*Addl discounts available for VIP Members and IndePartners.

OPTIONAL: You can choose to defray some of the cost by…

  • Inviting and charging other practices to join the training if your space can accommodate the extra people.
  • Providing meals*
  • Providing car service*

Standard Training Outline*

  1. Pre-Training Analysis: Once your down-payment is made to secure your onsite training, the instructor will do an analysis of your practice and develop a custom training outline, partly based on your goals as well as solutions the instructor feels necessary.
  2. Action Plan: A phone session with you and your instructor will take place prior to the training to discuss the training outline.
  3. Onsite Training: During the actual training session with your team, specific strategies will be defined along with detailed roles assigned to staff members. It’s a very interactive and exciting experience. This helps ensure the completion of your goals. Checks and balances are setup to keep everyone accountable. Your team will love being a part and contributing to a common goal for the betterment of the entire organization.
  4. Post-Training: After the onsite training is completed, you will receive an audio recording of the entire training session. You will also receive a written out “Action Plan” based on what was discussed and decided upon during the training.
  5. Follow-Up Phone Conference: Around 30 days after the training, you and your team and instructor will conference together to go over progress and implementation.

*Each team training outline is customized to your specific needs. No two trainings are ever the same.

You will be given access to proprietary videos and tools online to help you with continued training of your staff and achievement of your goals!

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The sooner you act, the better your chances of securing your preferred date(s).