This coaching option on how to start or grow a physical therapy private practice (or occupational therapy peds or hands clinic) is a great way to learn at your own pace.

How Does This Work?

  • listen to audios
  • watch videos
  • download forms & checklists
  • follow guides
  • get proven tools (forms, legal documents, templates, etc.)
  • execute & grow!

Topics Include…

A Beginners and Advanced section. The Beginners section includes:

How to…

  1. Start a practice with as little as $10k.
  2. Create a strong foundation.
  3. Build strong departments: Billing, Collections, Marketing, Clinical and Administrative departments.
  4. Get on insurance plans.
  5. Market to your medical community effectively and affordably.
  6. Gain direct access patients from the community.
  7. Pick the software best for you for scheduling, billing, and documentation.
  8. Multiply your patients via word-of-mouth and internal advertising.
  9. Promote your services via internet, email, and patient loyalty programs.
  10. Choose the best codes when generating claims.
  11. Collect your money from insurances and patients.
  12. Recruit/Hire/Orient/Train/Fire/Compensate employees. All legal documents and forms included.
  13. (OPTIONAL) Technical Startup Steps
  14. And much much more…

Beginner BONUSES

  • HIPAA Made Easy (includes all legal forms)
  • Employee Forms
  • Marketing Templates That WorkTM
  • Internet Marketing Kit

The Advanced section covers how to…

  1. Eliminate no-shows and cancellations.
  2. Setting up your front desk for maximum effectiveness.
  3. Employee sales training (without them knowing their selling 🙂
  4. Mobilize your employees to take ownership.
  5. Take advantage of “Profile Scheduling” and increase profitability and productivity.
  6. Setup an efficient collection systems for more revenue without increasing volume.
  7. Implement “Creative Service Care”.
  8. Gain new patients from the entire medical community and not only physicians.
  9. How to triple your physician referrals.
  10. Duplicate each patient for exponential growth.
  11. (Optional) Become a leader.
  12. and much much more…

Advanced BONUSES

  • Quality Assurance Kit
  • Self Audit-Proofing Kit
  • Performance-Based Pay Kit
  • Community Marketing Kit
  • Advanced Internet Marketing Kit

You also get some free items and discounts on tools such as marketing materials and apps that are proven to make growing a practice much easier.

How much does it cost?

The Basic Section costs $2,997 for a one-year subscription. The Advanced Section costs $3,997 for a one-year subscription. You can purchase both for only $4,500. Contact us when you want to start and see if we are offering any promotional discounts.

Why do we charge what we do?

Plain and simply, it works. Those who do the Online Self-Study make more money. They not only save themselves money and time but also the headaches that come with making costly mistakes. It’s an investment not a mere tip or trick. If you want to have the best clinic in your community, you have to invest in training. Anyone can start (or have) a private practice, the challenge is building one that leads to independence and freedom before you’re too old to enjoy it.

DISCLAIMER:  The Online Self-Study covers the same material as the 2-Day course. But since it’s at your own pace it’s not as fast as taking the intensive 2-Day course. It’s kind of like teaching yourself how to play the piano through books and video versus having an expert instructor teach you. You must be a self-starter and be comfortable learning and applying on your own. Support through email and phone is available to you on a limited basis. If you want or need more personal coaching consider the Basic Coaching Program.

“Presentation of materials: high quality, available for use via CD, logical organization. Good presentation energy. Good use of time…low ‘fluff’. It provides a wealth of information and will help you avoid costly mistakes. It teaches you exactly what to do.”

-Jody Berkey, Spotsylvania, VA

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