How One Simple Elective Service Program is Boosting Cash Flow and Changing Lives

Even though this client went through ko's online program, this 21-day event for healthcare pros will be live-virtual where ko will be explaining everything in clinical scientific terms for deeper understanding.  It's all natural and doesn't require much to implement.  It's a highly proprietary formula but you will get access to all the details as an IndeFree member. 


  • Learn a Simple Yet Results-Driven Cash Elective Service Program You Can Sell to Patients & Community
  • Improve One's Own Health, Body & Mind
  • Instantly Become More Relevant As A PT/OT


You Learn the 4 primary Drivers required To Reset The Mitochondria Of The Cell and speed Up Metabolism for Longterm Health.

  • Improves Glucose Uptake and Insulin Sensitivity
  • muscle tone improves with minimal exercise (less than 19-min per day)
  • No nutritional knowledge necessary
  • turns white/yellow adipose tissue to brown. easier burning of excess fat
  •  no long boring cardio. no fancy gym or equipment required.  Only 2 dumbbells.
  • less than 19 minutes per workout 

Registration opens tomorrow! Check your email!

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