How to Break The Rules, Get the Body You Want (And Win The Game)

Date and time:

February 12 (Sun)

4:00 PM Central (5pm Eastern)


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What You’ll learn in this LIVE zoom session

In order to get the kind of success you want with your health and body, there are common pitfalls you must address and avoid.  We're going to cut through all of them so you can achieve the success you want.

Avoid Plateau

Your body is amazingly adaptive-- even to "good-for-you" things.  Benefits eventually wear off and you have to work harder for less and less results.  It gets disheartening and many end up quitting.  Learn how to avoid plateaus so that you can keep the results coming and coming! 

Avoid Inconsistency

Get ko's "Consistency Chart" so that you can compound your results and get exponential rewards!

Avoid Apathy

There's a right way to turn health and fitness into a lifestyle. Learn how to keep the enthusiasm and enjoy the benefits for life!

Your webinar host

Ko has had his share of difficult clients and has successfully helped them achieve their goals.  His approach to overcoming complacency, apathy, inconsistency and plateau is very unique and unlike the mainstream methods.

He breaks all the rules.

He helps you break the rules, so that you can win... for life.

He has stumbled over the same pitfalls that ensnare others so he speaks from personal experience.  

He doesn't judge anyone.  He has compassion for those who struggle and believes,...

"The greater the fall, the greater the triumph and rise."