Ko's CourseLAUNCH Program For PT/OT's

How To Create Your First Course & Get Your First Sale In 27-Days (or Less) -- And Get Limitless Income Week After Week -- So You Can Work From Home or Anywhere, Anytime, On Your Terms (And Shortcut Your March to Million)

CourseLAUNCH is designed and optimized for PT/OT Clinic Owners who don't have time to

 create, market and sell an online course but want to reap all the rewards of having one. Let me show you how (and why) it works so you can start your March to Million faster than you ever thought possible.

Here's what we do for you...


We Turn your idea into a sellable product

If you don't have an idea yet, we help you choose one. Whether it's a passion, skill or knowledge, we shape your idea into something people will gladly buy.

This can be the toughest part to getting started. Working with James makes it happen in 45-minutes (or less).

There are people selling courses on how to garden, bake, swing a bat, sell insurance, make a rocking chair, and they're making millions. Not just one million but multiple millions.

There's no reason why you can't join the ranks of millionaires today. It's never been easier. The only thing stopping you,...is you.

VALUE:  $4000


We Test The Idea To Make Sure It's Sellable

The last thing you wanna do is spend a lot of time on building a course only to find out no one wants to buy it, right?!

We test it and "validate" it to make sure it's sellable. And not only sellable but that people will gladly pay for it.  There's a way to test it, and we'll do that for you.

But don't worry, 95% of all ideas are sellable.

Some require a little bit of tweaking but nothing is too outrageous.

There are even courses on "Decluttering Your Space" that are doing extremely well right now :)

Every niche has the ability to hit 1MM

So don't worry, chances are your idea will do Great!

Once we get the green lights, we're off to the races!

VALUE:  $4000


We Help You Create The Lessons & Modules

This is where most get stuck. They end up with a ton of information and knowledge but don't know where to go (or what to do with it).

It's common for those with licenses or professional skills.  It's the craziest thing... those with the most to offer end up being the last to create a course.  The good news is,... we make it easy. Working with James and his "Simplification" process, speeds everything up. And you get to a finished product faster than you ever imagined possible!

VALUE:  $4000


We Save You a TON of Time:  We Set Up Your Course On Our Platform

And Add The "Rewards" and "Motivators"

We'll save you a ton of time of demo-ing a bunch of course hosting platforms out there.

And there's a lot.

Some are complicated and most are clunky.  And some are really expensive. Like Kajabi and clickfunnels charges $200 per month and they don't even have all the features we want. Crazy...!

So that's why we set you up on our platform and make it easy!

(You get hosting free for the length of the program).

We add the "Reward" and "Motivator" systems to it.

If you have your own platform already, that's fine.  We can work with that.  But if it doesn't have the auto rewarding features, there's nothing we can do about that. 

And the Auto-Reward system is a cool feature to have in your course.

VALUE:  $4000


We Ensure The Course Delivers RESULTS For Your Students

If you want to be proud of your course, it must deliver results for your students.

Many novice course creators make the mistake of putting in too much information. It becomes like an academic text book online.

That's a mistake.

No one wants to spend hours learning; they want results quickly.

Outcomes based courses sell 10-20x better. It's your best chance to break a million.

Creating an Outcomes based course requires a framework and format that is geared to the psychology of the student.

Sounds complicated, right?!

The great news is we've already figured that out, and we make it super easy for you and your course.

Once we're done, now we get to promote it!

VALUE:  $4000


We Promote Your Course

We Use Ko's Proprietary System to Maximize Sales!

We want to maximize sales but we don't want to come off sleazy. And our promotion method is the most effective "Non-Sleazy" way of selling a course.  We won't reveal it here but know that your course will sell with and without advertising. Later, we'll turn it all over to you.

VALUE:  $4000


We Advertise Your Course

We find your perfect audience that's most wanting to buy what your course offers to maximize sales!

We use the best options based on your ideal audience.  It could be through content based ads, youtube, google, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. If your topic is suitable, we may also use TikTok. We use "Prospect Paid Acquisition" to advertise. Meaning, we sell a small piece of your solution before offering the full course. This helps to offset the cost of advertising so it's essentially free to you. You end up with more sales without paying for advertising.

VALUE:  $4000


We Help Sell Your Course

We help boost sales by 10-20x by creating you a sales page that converts prospects into students!

A good sales page is invaluable to getting more sales. Studies show that a course with a sales page sells 10-20x more than a course without one.  That's a big difference! That's why we create you a high converting sales page right away.

We also give you copy/paste scripts to better convert those who inquire. Whether it's an email or messenger inquiry, you want to convert everyone that inquires about your course. We help make that easy by giving you scripts you can copy/paste or say over the phone.  There's no objection too great. We make it easy for you to sell (without sleazy selling).

VALUE:  $4000


We Make It "Evergreen"

The goal is to have your "Wealth Machine" making limitless income week after week -- 24/7/365

There's a 10-point Checklist to make sure a course will be timeless and endless in producing income. It's our proprietary system.  You get it absolutely free with the CourseLAUNCH program.

VALUE:  $4000


We Hand It Off To You!

Once your course hits $50,000 or 6-months, whichever comes first, we start the process of handing the system off to you.

Here's A Sample Of A First-Time Course Launch By An OT On "How To Improve Posture"

Almost $50,000 in less than 5-months!

Disclaimer: First time courses can sometimes have a higher refund rate but once you "wash-n-rinse" the course a little, that rate drops to 2-3%.

You get everything created handed over to you so you can keep making more money week after week, for years to come!

You and your staff will be trained on how everything works, how to maintain and grow sales into the future, and how to edit the course as needed (Don't recommend changing it too much. "If it aint broke, don't fix it" kinda thing.)

But you get the point, you will be confident to take it over once we hand it off to you.

Our goal is for you to make limitless income week after week for years into the future!

VALUE:  $4000

Get Started!


Congratulations, as an early "Founder's Circle Licensee" you get ground floor pricing and many free benefits.

You won't have to pay the full $47,000 value of this program.  Even at standard cost, it's well worth it.  But today, for less than the cost of a clinical aide, you get a highly technical, sophisticated, and evergreen Wealth Vehicle that brings in limitless income week after week! And, you get James Ko, his team (and all their resources and connections) for 6-months to create, test, setup, launch, promote, advertise and sell your Breakout Course. All for less than the cost of a clinical aide!  But don't wait. Sign up now.  (The Great PT/OT Rush will be happening very soon and prices are scheduled to skyrocket anytime.)

Today, you get to choose your pricing option:

$3997 Today, then 997 x 5 months


One Pay 7997 (save $985)


Creative working space, not noisy, fully equipped and convenient



If you are not completely blown away with the program and results, just let us know.  If at any time, you have a concern, let us know.  If we don't rectify it to where you are exceptionally happy, you can get a prompt refund.*

*Refunds are prorated and based on unused funds up to that point and services not yet provided.


For a limited-time only!

Get 12-Months of Hosting Free!

We host your course on our unique platform because it has all the features we need:  "Auto-Rewarding System", "Motivator System", Evergreen, Drip, Seamless Payment to Instant Access.

It makes it so you don't have to lift a finger while the sales keep coming in.

A good software platform should make it easy for STUDENTS to access and navigate, AND easy for YOU to make edits.

But it should also have some important automated features like: 

  •  Once a buyer pays, it should give them instant access to the course so you don't have to lift a finger. 
  • It should send them an email "Welcoming" them automatically. 
  • And it should be "evergreen" (so it can make limitless income 24/7/365)

But not all platforms are good.

Some are complicated, most are clunky, and many are overpriced. 

Most platforms that have the features we need cost $200 per month. That's $2,400 per year. But you won't pay that.

You get the reassurance knowing you are hosted on the best platform available.

You get your course hosted absolutely free for 12-months!

VALUE:  $4000


For a limited-time only!

Increase Sales by 2-3x By Getting Ko's "Emotional Awakeners"!

It works for any topic. Any course.

It's human psychology. It motivates people to get the most out of your course. It get's them to reach higher.  It's a game-changer for any course. Your students will rave about your course. It causes word of mouth buzz. It makes you more proud of your course.

Here's what we're talking about

Here are some example comments from students from one of Ko's online fitness courses.

It transforms any course into a greater personal growth journey.  Even (and especially) health, pain-relief, and business skill courses.
If you want to be proud of your course, it's a MUST to have a built-in system that motivates students to complete it. 

Let's face it, students will find reasons not to do the work in your course. 

Whether it's:

   "I don't have enough time." or

  "I wanna watch Netflix instead..."

Until you awaken their emotions, and connect it to the course, you may not get many completing it.

Ko's "Emotional Awakeners" are key to motivating your students to complete your course. 

It breaks down the most common elements that cause students to fail. 

Things like:

  • Self-limiting beliefs
  • feelings of unworthiness
  • Stress
  • Laziness
  • Low energy
  • Headache
  • and more.

That's why we're giving this away free right now. Because it's so essential for success. But soon we will be adding an additional charge for this since Ko personally goes through your course material and picks the exact moments to inject the Awakeners.  It takes him time and energy.  It's a highly valuable component. But you get it free today.

VALUE:  $4000

Our Clients Say

"Passed the $1,000,000 mark our second year!

Your coaching and guidance is always a step ahead of it's time. Thank you!

Charles Mills, PT (MidCounty PT)

"No single person or entity has helped me grow as a professional more than James Ko!

With his mentorship, we have grown our business exponentially."

Tim Burnell, PT (Back In Motion PT)

"Hands down one of the best decisions I ever made...

James moves with change and you can swim right along behind him. 

Mindy Murray, OTR (KIT Therapy)

"My income grew over 300% in less than a year.

I'm thankful for him every day.

Lilly Bojic, DPT (Lilly PT)

Frequently asked questions

What if I'm not good on video?

  • You don't have to be. In fact, you don't even have to be on camera if you don't want.  Inside the program, you'll see how to build a successful course even if you don't want to be on video.

I don't have a course idea, yet?

  • No problem.  We'll start from scratch or validate your idea. Either way, you'll end up with a finished product that people will be happy buying.
  • If it's your first course, Ko recommends choosing from one of these 3 categories:  1) Pain Relief for Consumers, 2) Teach Other PT/OT's a Technique You're Good At, 3) Business or Clinic Running Skill For Other Practice Owners.    

How long will it take to complete my course?

Once the topic is chosen and validated, it doesn't take very long. We help you structure and layout your course material in a way your students will love. If you need help creating a module, lesson or video, we can help with that, too. Ultimately, the goal is to complete the course within 21 days or less.

How do you promote my course?

We help create promotional articles, videos and posts related to your course topic. When people interact with it, they'll be given the chance to learn about your course. This is the best "non-sleazy" way to sell. We will also create advertisements for you to use as well but the promotional route can also have much success and sales!

How do you advertise my course?

The best options are through content based ads, youtube, google, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. If your topic is suitable, we may also use TikTok. We use "Prospect Paid Acquisition" to advertise. Meaning, we sell a small piece of your solution before offering the full course. This helps to offset the cost of advertising so it's essentially free to you. You end up with more sales without paying for advertising.

What if people don't buy it?

  • The only way people won't buy it is if it doesn't exist.  With our course creation formula, you will get sales. The question is how many each week.  It only takes one sale per day for you to hit the $100,000 mark. And with our promotion, marketing and advertising, our goal is higher.

What do I have to do?

  • Once you choose your topic or solution, all you have to do is answer our questions so we understand it fully. Then we'll give you instruction on how to complete your Modules and Lessons. So as long as you can follow simple instructions we give you, you'll do great!

What if I don't like the program?

If you are not fully blown away at the quality of the program and the results you get, simple talk to us and let us know. We will rectify it in a manner you love, or you get a prompt refund. We guarantee you'll love the results and the program.

How much is hosting after the 12-months free?

  • Our standard rate is $149/month but as a CourseLAUNCH member, you get it for just $89 per month after the 12 free months is over. It has all the special features needed for maximum sales and least amount of work on your part!

There are more millionaires being made today than ever before in the history of our country.

There's NO REASON Why you can't be one of them.

Absolutely no reason...

All you have to do is LET US TURN your current knowledge, passion or skill into an Online Course and Offer it to the world.

Once you start taking advantage of the internet, you'll be shocked at what transpires.  Most millionaires don't believe they will become a millionaire but hold on to the dream. They do what's before them. They take the small steps, and eventually they end up a millionaire! 

But the only caveat is, ... creating a course can be time consuming, frustrating and difficult if you don't have the right framework to follow.  Even narrowing down an idea, and trying to figure out if it will sell, can be confusing.  We (PT/OT's) have so many skills and too much knowledge, it can be hard to choose.  You've probably guessed that by now. 

  • "Who will be my audience?
  • "Will they buy it?"
  • "What software should I use?
  • "How do I promote it, advertise it?"
  • "How do I ensure results?  
  • (I want to be proud of it.)

It can become a daunting task without the proper help and guidance. 

That's why we're here...

The best way for you (as a busy PT/OT) to become wealthy is to let us create your "Wealth Vehicle" for you.

Let us create your "Breakout Course", set it up on our software platform, help create the lessons and modules, goals and rewards.  We will setup the "Motivators", "Rewards", and Auto-Engagement features. And we'll promote it, advertise it, and sell it for you.

That way you can keep treating and enjoying your life...

  • This is a unique opportunity.  If you are seeing this, it means that James Ko authorized you to see it.  Not everyone is given this offer 

After we launch & sell your course, you reap the benefits, forever!

Money is merely a unit of choice while here on this earth.  What will you do with the extra money?   Will you be greedy and selfish or will you help more people. You and I are cut from the same cloth. People who go into "healthcare" share similar personalities and traits.  We are very generous, giving and humanitarian.  Insurance companies know this.  That's why we get taken advantage of by insurances, patients, and most.  We know you will do good with the extra money you earn through this project. You will help more people.

*You may want to wean out of treating at some point to create more courses :)

You don't have to be a great teacher or even like making videos. None of that is needed.  Rather than spending 40 hours per week treating and running your clinic, you can spend 2 hrs/week and make the same amount of income.

Let your staff treat so that you can focus on building your wealth!

Make limitless income, week after week

(without the headache, effort, time or stress)

I'm not saying to close your clinic.

I'm saying focus on building personal wealth for a change. YOU have all of what's needed to massively out-earn your entire clinic.  Once the money from this starts coming in, let staff treat and do all the work and run it. Start focusing on your own personal wealth.

Once you go from TREATING to TEACHING, you enjoy...

  • No more schedule, appts, and clocking in/out
  • Making $2000 per hour (instead of $45/hr)
  • It's your time. On your time.
  • You can work from home or anywhere!
  • Exercise, workout, get healthy
  • Family time whenever you want
  • Friends time (and make more friends)
  • Pick up new hobbies,
  • Play an instrument
  • Read more
  • Travel (at will)
  • Seek adventure
  • Build romance
  • Play a sport
  • Golf
  • Coach your kids team
  • and so much more

Do You Want More Time For Family, Friends, Travel Romance, Adventure & Yourself?

We offer this program because we know your plate is full. You're busy. You're running a clinic. This program is designed for you. We do the work; apply ko's formula; promote; advertise*;  and sell it for you.

*Income can compound over time with consistent advertising and promotions.

We Help You Create It

We take your idea (or help you choose a topic), validate it, help you create the modules & lessons, structure & sequence it, and set it up on our software platform.

Promote & Sell It For You

We create a sales page for your course, then drive as many people as we can, from multiple channels, so you LAUNCH & sell with a bang!

Then, We Hand It Over To You!

We train you, and your staff, on the mechanics of it so you can seamlessly take it over.

Ko's On A Mission To Create As Many Millionaires As Possible From Within The PT/OT Community

Imagine being able to work from anywhere you want, not rely on clinic revenue, and make limitless income... Well, it's already being done by a small group of PT/OTs and it's 100% doable for you.

CourseLAUNCH is designed and optimized for PT/OT's who do not have the time, technical or marketing skills to create and launch a course on their own. CourseLAUNCH enables busy PT/OT's to reap the rewards of having an online course that SELLS;  One you're proud of.  And delivers results, and eliminates legal liability.

Let me show you how and why it works so you can complete your first online course faster than you ever thought possible.

 -- James Ko, PT 

Are you ready to invest in yourself for a brighter future?

You spent a lot of money for your education.  You invested a lot to build your own business. You are better than most therapists.  Top 5% in the world.  You know more, care more -- and there's nothing more powerful than that to helping others. That's why we're offering this to you.  We want to help get you out to the world so they can see your light and benefit from all your years of experience, expertise, and exceptional knowledge you have.

You are worth it.

People need help. You have the solution. Your solution can help a lot of people.

You may have had great ideas before. You may have tried before and it didn't work out. That doesn't mean you don' have what it takes. You do. Your method at the time just didn't work. Consider it a practice run; You learned from it. Now it's time to do it right.  With us, you will succeed!

Once you succeed, we know you'll give back to your community. You'll create more ways to help more people.

This is not an expense... but an investment.

The return is incomparable to anything else. Better than stocks. Better than real estate.  Year after year, your income will grow like a seed that takes root and flourishes. It's an investment in yourself.  A small investment in yourself is all it takes. but you must understand that this is a unique opportunity. To create something that doesn't require much time, energy, or effort -- that's hard to come by.  It can only be accomplished using the internet, with an evergreen, high sales potential machine, that attracts a lot of buyers, endless, with a vehicle that automates most of the work, with our framework and partnership.


The CourseLAUNCH Program is the best way for busy PT/OT's to create, promote, advertise and sell an online course.  You GET James Ko, his team, and all their resources for 6-months (and pay less than you would a clinical aide) to fully LAUNCH, promote, advertise and sell your course.  Not just any course but a "Breakout Course".  James and his team will help build your course title, objectives, modules, lessons, instructions, checklists, questionnaires, quizzes, rewards, goal-tracking, and more.  You will communicate with James and his team via text, email, phone and zoom. They will help design graphics, advertisements, ad copy, promotions, and sales material. They will help you sell your course to your ideal audience.  They will be available to you and your team for questions during sales and support.  They will help you with any questions you may encounter from your students during the launch.  CourseLAUNCH With James is a limited-time offer that helps PT/OT professionals turn their passion, skills and expertise into a profitable online course. It's designed and optimized for the unique way healthcare pros deliver their care, services and solutions. It maximizes sales and minimizes legal liability. CourseLAUNCH is a proprietary system created by James Ko, PT (a physical therapist). This is a one-time price!  You get to keep the entire finished product (the course, promo, ads, everything) for life and continue using it to build greater wealth for yourself into the future.


!!  WARNING  !!

Due to the popularity of this program and high demand, the price you see right now, along with any bonuses being offered, are subject to change (or be removed) at any time.  We take our clients and our job seriously. We don't take on too many clients at once. We don't sacrifice quality to any client. We increase prices as demand increases. We rarely lower our rates in order to keep the quality high. We guarantee results because of the quality of our work.  So, please be aware that the prices you see now are not guaranteed until successful payment is processed, and that our prices can change any time. Thank you.

This is what it takes...

If you can do these 3 things...
you can do this program and shortcut to wealth!

  • Answer our questions in a timely manner
  • Follow simple instructions
  • Put aside what you think you may know about course sales (and let us do our job for your success)...

Anyone can do it (regardless of how busy you are)

We offer this program because we know your plate is full. You're busy. You're running a clinic. This program is designed for you. We do the work; apply ko's formula; promote; advertise*;  and sell it for you.

Note: *We use what's called a "Prospect Paid Acquisition" method to advertising. Meaning the prospect pays for a small sample of your solution before being offered the full solution. This offsets your cost of advertising, essentially making it free and no cost to you.

"My First Course Made Over $100,000 The First Year And Sparked The Beginning of IndeFree"

If it weren't for my first online course, there wouldn't have been an Indefree.

It's the easiest way for PT/OT Clinic Owners to attain wealth.

James Ko/IndeFree
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Plano, TX 75025
Message Us with any questions