How to Change Lives As a PT or OT

Is it possible for us to change a person's life as a physical or occupational therapist?

A special message for PT/OT/Peds

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Get cold hard truths on what it takes to crush it in business today for PT/OT's in private practice. No filters, no kid-gloves, and nothing held back. It's not for the faint-of-heart (but neither is business).

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Who Is James?

I failed...

"When my first practice was failing, I tried to get help. I contacted the APTA, past instructors, and other PT's in private practice, but no one seemed to want to help (or give up much information). Maybe they didn't know. Maybe they were fearful (Maybe they didn't like me). I don't know. This was back in 1997 so even though I searched online not much was available. 

I failed.

But I learned a lot about myself. I discovered how strong I could be. So I tried again with a new determination and drive. I vowed that when I figured it out, I was going to share it with everyone. That became my mission...and it's still my mission today to figure it out and share it. Now after 7 practices and over 15 years of coaching other practice owners to independence and freedom, I no longer doubt. I am stronger." -James

Here's a thought...

From the day we are born, we learn everything of importance from someone else. How to read, drive a car, open a bank account, and more.  Why then do we think we can operate a successful business without learning how from someone else?

No single person or entity has helped me grow as a professional more than James Ko and the IndeFree Association. With his mentorship, we have grown our business exponentially. He has also helped me grow as a person, coaching on growth in a manner that simply works. If you listen, and apply, you Will grow both professionally and personally. THANK YOU!! ”

Tim Burnell, PT - Back In Motion PT (Sarasota, FL)

"The only difference between a successful business owner and a not-so successful one is that the successful one knows what NOT to be wasting their time and energy on." -James

"It's not where you are currently in life or business that's of significance, it's the direction you are heading that matters most." -James

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