James Ko, PT/Lead Instructor/Founder

Over 17 years in private practice with over 7 separate clinics. World renowned instructor in private practice. Missionary to S. America, Thailand, and S. Korea. Black-belt in Tae Kwon Do. Founder of national therapy franchise.

Nationally featured in Advance Magazine, 830laser, and Clinical Excellence. Founder of the IndeFree Association, Therapist Advocacy Group (TAG), and other entities supporting therapists in private practice who are being unjustly scrutinized or investigated by the PT Board, Medicare, Insurance Companies, or consumer affairs. Creator of IndeHUB, IndeFAX, IndeOFFICE, and other software and applications to assist physical and occupational therapists.

Executive Ergonomic Advisor to Circuit City and Viewsonic Corporations. Professional Consultant and Developer of the Rehabilitation Division of Brea Community Hospital, Industrial Medicine unit of Walnut Industrial Medical Center, Rehabilitation Division of the Whittier Area Parents for the Adult Developmentally Handicapped Association, Sports Medicine Orthopedic Department of Revive Centers. Physical Therapist Contributor and Reviewer of the book, “Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy” by Kenneth Moses, MD.


Tim Burnell, PT/Owner

This talented and highly successful therapist runs a million dollar practice in beautiful Sarasota Florida with his beautiful wife Monique. His expertise in DME, weightloss and other elective services, will give you advantage over your competitors.


Weldon Russo, OT/Owner

Weldon is an inspiring therapist who built a multi-million dollar practice in just 2 short years with his partner Luke Mckenzie, a PT.  Their practice in Fort Worth Texas, with over 45 employees, serves as an example for other facilities to follow.  Their reputation and success is second to none.


Katie Hohman, PT/Owner
Jeff Hohman/Owner

This amazing couple utilizes both their strengths to operate and grow two highly successful practices in Florida. They know the obstacles and pitfalls surrounding private practice and will show you how to thrive.  They are recent parents to another baby and still find time to grow their practices.


Jesse Eliott, PT/Owner
Katie Elliott/Owner

This phenomenal husband and wife team, work side-by-side in their successful practice in Grants Pass Oregon.  They cherish their family.  They cherish the important things in life such as hunting, fishing, gardening, and horses, so having a practice that doesn’t interfere with the quality of their life is extremely important. They will show you how to find balance and joy throughout the business journey.