This exciting program empowers you with the tools and strategies to 1) get more new patients, 2) keep all your patients for life, 3) get them to bring in family and friends, 4) and spend more money with you, and much much more…

Whether you are STARTING a private practice or wanting to take your existing one to a HIGHER LEVEL, this program is the quickest way to get there. You get the entire IndeFree team on your side for 12-months to begin your road to the private practice of your dreams.  We don’t take any shares, profits, or decision-making power, but you get our entire warehouse of resources, tools, softwares, materials, templates, and more. Take your practice to new heights for less than the cost of a low wage employee. We absolutely guarantee results and do whatever it takes to make you successful.

Here are just some of the items included in the program:


  1. Proprietary PRACTICE MANAGEMENT software that includes patient registration and intake online, scheduling/cancelling/rescheduling online by the patient, charging at-time-of-service module, and more!*
  2. Proprietary Physician Reporting and Faxing software
  3. Proprietary Newsletter marketing software


  1. Brochure(s)
  2. Flyer(s)
  3. Internet Ads proven to work!
  4. Postcard(s)
  5. Website and Emails
  6. Search engine optimization
  7. Vouchers
  8. Thank you postcards
  9. Happy Birthday Postcards
  10. Payment Plan Brochures & Poster
  11. Referral Pads
  12. Poster Set
  13. Proprietary Programs/Brochures


  1. Car Magnets
  2. Window Graphics

TOP Benefits of this Partnership Program:

  • IndeFree and James Ko will determine the BEST ADVERTISING METHODS AND CAMPAIGNS for you after researching and analyzing your region. They will also focus group test any campaigns as needed, on real live patients!
  • We will coach you on how to better your internal marketing success including physical layout of your facility, for maximal gain.
  • We will help you take your billing, collections, employee recruitment & retention, marketing, and administrative departments to a new level. Making them automated and healthy.


WEBSITE (redone or new) with Top 10 Placement on Google, Yahoo, MSN, for “physical therapy…, physical therapist…, and more.”


To ensure success, you will receive personalized training via seven 1-hour telephone/web coaching sessions. We will coach you on the BEST methods and strategies to grow your business!

*GEOGRAPHIC EXCLUSIVITY APPLIES to this program. Only one partner per geographic region (based on population, circle of influence factor, distance, and specialty). Secure your region today. See if you qualify for your area.

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