New Clinic Equipment


IMPORTANT: You should get all these items USED if possible by searching Craigslist, Ebay and the internet. Do not pay top dollar on brand new items. It depreciates immediately and are NOT worth it. Your equipment and furniture does not bring a return. Be smart with your startup funds.


  1. Large mat table: enough for two people to workout at same time.
  2. Stationary bike
  3. Pull down exercise apparatus.
  4. Dumbbells: plain and simple
  5. Therabands
  6. 830laser: learn more at
  7. Pulsetron: patients love it and set themselves up on it.


  1. Treatment tables should have a face-hole. Very important for medicare patients.
  2. Stools that roll.
  3. Step stools


  1. Do not use linens/towels. It’s too much work and cost.
  2. Instead use face-sheets on pillows and wipe down tables with moist towelettes. Sample site to purchase or just google it.

OFFICE ITEMS (See appendix A for sample pics)

  1. Front desk: it should be modular (see sample pic in the appendix). Do not pay to have built in counters on your first clinic (maybe second or third). Definitely do not do marble counter tops.
  2. Chart Cabinets: I know everything is turning Electronic but you will have paper charts of some kind, whether it’s for Cash patients, wellness clients, etc.
  • It doesn’t have to be lockable but if it is even better.
  • It should be compatible to hold “End Tab” folders.
  1. Multi-Purpose Fax/Copy/Scan
  2. High-speed scanner: Fujitsu or Xerox is best. Just google it.
  3. Document shredder: I prefer a high volume shredder not a personal shredder.

Computer stations:

  1. Have computers at front desk, admin office, charting counter, and in main private exam room.
  2. I prefer macs (vs PC’s) since they last longer. But you should have one PC in the admin office. The PC should be super cheap and ordered off Ebay. Do not spend much on a PC.

Credit Card Processing Company (Merchant Account)

  1. Use your bank if they have a good deal.
  2. Don’t purchase the equipment to swipe cards. Instead use a computer program, or online system, and just merely have a “swiper” that inputs the data directly into your merchant system.
  3. Don’t sign a long-term contract.

Appendix A: See Sample Pics of Clinic Items