IndePartnership Welcome

From all of us here at IndeFree, we want to congratulate you on becoming a Partner with us! We truly look forward to helping you achieve independence and freedom.


  1. Complete the questionnaire that was emailed to you and send back to us as soon as you can. Here they are… Established Owners    Beginner’s Questionnaire
  2. Download Skype onto your laptop (it’s free). You will need that to video conference with your Coach!
  3. Create an account to begin submitting tickets to our support hub. Go to whenever you want to login to submit a ticket.
  4. Use to manage all your logins, passwords, etc. This is important.
  5. Download this important “Financial Calculator” (excel file), complete it and send to your coach. Watch video instructions here. Download the Calculator.
  6. Print-Out these important forms to begin tracking vital statistics. You will be sending these to your Coach.  Stats Form   New Patient Log


Don’t worry, these setup steps are simple and if you need any help along the way we are here for you!


  1. It is your responsibility to contact your coach to schedule monthly Team Conferences. You will be given their cell and email for convenient communications. Always offer two days/times that work best for you, and the coach will respond with a confirmation of which day/time. They are available to you 24/7. Don’t hesitate to contact them whenever you need a question answered or to bounce ideas off them.
  2. Regularly update your coach via text/email your progress on Action Plans, successes as well as failures.
  3. Make sure to complete your “Action Plan” each and every month.

If you follow these rules, you should look forward to some spectacular results.


  1. Brochures, websites, and other design items take time to create and finalize. Get started well in advance by completing the Questionnaire for each item timely. The faster you get it to us, the sooner we can get started. We will create items with the content and graphics we think best, based on focus-group testing with real live patients, but if you have specific things you absolutely want to be included, let us know asap.
  2. Do NOT get caught up with spelling, grammar, and typos during the proof stage. It’s the overall message and layout that’s most important. All the small corrections can be made quickly so don’t get caught up with them.
  3. We use third party printers, and once items are uploaded for print, it typically takes 3-5 business days to print and 3-7 days for shipping.
  4. We do NOT control the coloring of printed items. We use high quality third party printers however per industry standards not all coloring will look exactly as expected in the finished product. Don’t worry, customers don’t pay much attention to color as they do to content and overall message.


  1. Contact James to see what “Self-Study” items he wishes you to start with.
  2. Read articles/blog posts at


When you have great things to say about your Coach or IndeFree, please text them directly and/or share on our Facebook page  (we will soon make it live).  If ever dissatisfied with anything, contact your coach and give them an opportunity to make things right first. If your issue remains unresolved, then contact us at or call us (800) 801-4511 ext. 701. We will investigate and make sure all gets resolved timely.

Okay, that’s it! We wish you a happy and successful journey!



James Ko, PT/Founder
IndeFree Association





“Empowering Independence & Freedom for PT/OT’s”

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