What is the IndePartner Program?

It’s a program where we work with you and do whatever it takes to…

  1. Get more new patients coming in the door,
  2. Keep patients coming back for more, spending more, and bringing family & friends,
  3. Collect more money from insurances and cash sales.

You get the entire IndeFree team, with all it’s resources (including an exclusive coach), all for the cost of one low-level employee.


There are 15 ways to get new patients in your door that are low-cost and low-maintenance. Most practices only utilize two.

We take advantage of all 15 for your practice. New patient explosion is the best way to describe it!



What You Get

1) More Patients, More NEW Business!
We will transform your identity! We create exciting promotions and campaigns that connect with referral sources, community, and patients that automate more business. No more seasonal ups and downs, no more worrying about where your next patient will come from!
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2) Keep patients coming back without missing appointments, bringing family and friends, spending more money with you.

3) Increased Insurance Reimbursement

Getting paid by insurances can be very tricky and frustrating. We take the guess work out of it. No more long hours on the phone and late nights trying to get paid!

3) Increased Collections & Cash Flow

We teach you and your staff how to collect. You get more money each month as we implement “Supersizing” of treatments, “Elective” services, and teaching of collection skills! 
4) A Strong Audit-Proof Practice

Most practices are vulnerable to legal action and charges. From documentation to billing practices, to employee policies and procedures, you will want to avoid legal scrutiny that can lead to a nightmare.
5) A Smarter and More Effective TeamA solid team that takes ownership is the hallmark of a successful practice. By implementing our systems, you will finally be able to enjoy vacations, when you want where you want!

6) Software to Automate Your Practice

Getting a flood of patients is not enough, you need to manage them and your business efficiently or you will fail. Our proprietary software designed by James Ko and other therapists, are the most revolutionary systems on the market today. Automating has never been easier!

7) James Ko as Your Partner!

Yes, you will actually get James Ko as a partner! He is available to guide you and answer questions. He approves most all of your marketing campaigns and puts the final touches on it before releasing it. He is a partner that will fulfill the missing link in your practice.






How long is this program?

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Why it’s so effective?


Who is it best for?


How much does it cost?