Imagine being able to inspire a community of people to persevere through challenges and obstacles of running a practice. How would that make you feel? Imagine sharing your story with others that might give them the strength to get through hard times. What would that mean to you?

What is IndeMasters?

IndeMasters is a weekly podcast hosted by James Ko and Blog that shows that even the most successful practice owners have faced some of the toughest challenges and obstacles of running their own clinic. Challenges that every private practice owner can understand and relate too.

We believe that by sharing these experiences we can build a strong community of clinic owners all over the nation that want to grow and expand in their business.

Who are the IndeMasters?

IndeMasters consists of a group of private practice owners that have become one of the most successful clinics in their area. Some even expanding to multiple clinics. These clinic owners have put in the time, energy and money to learn new skills and techniques to grow their clinic and take it to the next level. These masters have applied training from James and learned through their own experiences how to become a successful clinic owner.

Why is this Important?

What has been made possible for one clinic owner, is possible for others everywhere.

Not only do these IndeMaster’s stories make a huge difference in giving a different perspective on an obstacle or challenge but it also…

  • Allows more people to know about the resources they used to get them to where they are today.
  • Inspires other clinic owners to take control of their practice and start making what they deserve.
  • Get our community involved, stronger and growing

You’ll get something out of every session. Insight and clarity can be achieved with James’s expert advice and experience combined with the personal experiences of the IndeMasters.

Who’s This For?

IndeMasters can be followed by anyone who is wanting to be apart of sharing experiences with those who have already gone through some of the toughest times in their business. For those who are feeling like they may not be able to handle having their own practice. And of course, for those who are wanting to be inspired to grow their practice.

We Invite YOU to Join Us