How Money Can Bring You Joy

Money can either make your life more stressful or more peaceful. The difference is how you channel the extra money. If you think of money as “security” or “power”, you will hoard it. try to save it. you’ll hide it under the mattress, in a savings account. Not take any risk with it. And that will cause you stress and downfall. But if you think of money as units of joy that can be used to bring joy to other peoples lives, you’ll create more joy in your life. You’ll reinvest your money into more and more ways to help others. You’ll remove stress and hardship in other peoples lives, and in turn be blessed with more abundance. You can’t take ANY money or material with you when you die. IT ALL STAYS HERE. You’re merely being entrusted with it. So use it for good, and greatness is what you’ll get.

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