Doctor’s love gifting their staff massages.

Send this flyer out to physician offices asap and receive the following benefits:

  1. Doctor’s office staff will come by your office so now they know who you are and where you are!
  2. Gain the appreciation of your referring physicians. They love giving things to their staff and a massage is top on that list. Even if someone else gets the fax, they typically ask the physician who they want to award the free massages to. Many upgrade to the 60-minute so you can even make a little money.
  3. Gain respect. Physicians, office managers, and their staff look at you differently as you are giving back to positive charities and the community. 

This promo leads to more referrals if you do it and promote it! Have your marketing person go personally to spread this message at their offices. At the same time, check to make sure brochures in the lobby is replenished. Kill two birds with one stone!

Personalize it in under 2-minutes!


Download this flyer and personalize in less than 2-minutes!

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