There are 15 extremely effective and affordable ways to get more new patients. Most practices only utilize two. Merely knowing the top 5 methods can transform your practice!

And it doesn’t stop with just getting people to call or come in, you must know how to convert (or “activate” as we like to call it). Get them WANTING to pay money for your services. Just like the graphic above shows, “sales” is required for growth. The sales part is just as important as the marketing part. Most practices do not know how to sell. Learn how to sell (without coming off as a salesperson) at the Private Practice Secrets conference.

We like to get more new patients with strategies that cost very little and require little effort. Our methods fulfill these requirements and are proven to work. Here are a couple that we will share with you for free:

14. Window graphics


One of the cheapest and best ways to get noticed are window graphics. They are like small billboards. The reason people don’t call or come in is that they don’t know about you or what exactly you offer. Most don’t know much about physical and occupational therapy or what ailments we treat. Window graphics can help solve that problem. Locals that walk or drive by are your best prospective patients and customers. Take advantage by applying window graphics on your door glass, windows, car rear window, and more.  Window graphics are cheap, a one time cost, but you can benefit forever. Contact us if you want to see examples of window graphics that work well.

DISCLAIMER: If your window graphics are not designed correctly, they will not effectively draw prospects. The design should be simple, clean and professional. Otherwise, it can appear tacky. You might want to get approval from your landlord (or city) prior to putting up window graphics. Or you can simply ask for forgiveness later. It’s really up to you.

15. Banners

Banners work well. They are large and they get noticed. If designed well, you will get a lot of attention. It’s very cheap. I like to promote my elective services with banners. Things like massage, laser, sports performance, Pulsetron, etc. Drawing customers to call or walk-in introduces them to my primary services such as physical therapy and pain relief. I rotate my banners every two weeks. DISCLAIMER: Most cities/landlords do not allow banners to be up all the time. They may warn you to remove them or slap a fine on you. Even if you had to pay, it’s cheap advertising. I’m not telling you what to do but if it’s possible this is a great way to get more people calling and walking in.

I can’t share the TOP METHODS to getting new patients here.  Attend the Private Practice Secrets Conference to learn more.