3 Ways to Promote Your Clinic on Facebook

DISCLAIMER: In order to get a good return on your investment from these ads/promotions, you MUST have…

  1. a good website that is fast on phones and other mobile devices.
  2. a good website that is designed well to convert prospects (and not merely educational and informative).
  3. opt-in forms, lead magnets, or basically anything that motivates prospects to leave their emails with you (ie. $49 intro offer, free screening, self-help tips, etc.)

If you don’t have the above 3 conditions met, I do NOT recommend you spending very much money on this type of advertising.

Method 1: “Promote Your Facebook Page” to your local community.

Make sure your Facebook page has a link to your website in the “About us” section. Completely fill-out your description section and list some top ailments you treat. Do this before running this promotion.


Method 2: “Promote Your Website to Local Community Via Facebook!”

Make sure your graphic is 1200×628 pixels. Use words that attract patients such as “$49 Introductory Special, Free Screening!, etc.”


Method 3: “Advanced Ads on Facebook”

Once you have tried the first two methods above and feel you are getting good results, you can take it to the next level by creating advanced ads. This method requires a specific promotion, landing page, email opt-in, email  collection system, and email blasting system or you will not get the benefits from this type of advertising. If you are ready, or would like a new website, contact us.