Get personal coaching from one of the country’s top private practice owners. Be assigned a coach (or a team of coaches) that best suits your specialty and organization. Choose either a 2, 4, or 6 month plan. Included are most of our proprietary softwares, tools, and materials. Most of the coaching is done via web, phone, email and text on a bi-weekly basis. We guarantee results. Most see a return of 10-100 times their investment.

*GEOGRAPHIC EXCLUSIVITY APPLIES to this program. Only one executive client per geographic region (based on population, circle of influence factor, distance, and specialty). Secure your region today. See if you qualify. Contact us today.

“Nothing is held back. Very transparent. Absolutely a must to address the paradigm shift to success. This will be the reason I get on the path to independence and freedom!”

Scott Kobziewiez, PT 16 yrs
Owego, NY

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