EP 11: Empty Slots and the Long-Term Cure


Regularly having empty slots in your schedule is a sign of a deeper problem and just doing more marketing is a temporary fix that prolongs the problem.

Learn what the deeper problems are.

In this episode James Rants about how to think “outside-the-box” and evolve your practice for the modern day which delivers long-term stability.

This method has helped him to…

  1. Build deeper relationships with patients and clients
  2. Create more time for himself
  3. Diversify
  4. Get the team more involved in the business
  5. Have less anxiety
  6. And add more fun to the business
  7. Have more stability


About the author 

James Ko

James Ko is the lead instructor and founder of IndeFree. He's a physical therapist of over 20 years and have owned 7 private practices and is launching a national chain. He's worked with some of the world's most celebrated athletes, actresses, and X-Game competitors. More importantly, he knows what it's like to fail and succeed. He enjoys reading James Patterson and Nicolas Sparks, and likes to golf, play the guitar and practice martial arts. He loves playing with my Mac and Cozy most of all!

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