The Secret to Creating Excited Employees (Without Paying More) & Recruiting Made Simple

So That You Can Solidify & Scale Quickly

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 Stop The Frustration Of Feeling Like...

You can't grow

Without people doing their part well, a service-based business can't grow.

You're stuck

Until you get staff wanting to be there and excited about their job, you're stuck. 

You have to do it yourself

If you don't have the trust and confidence in your staff, the only option is doing it yourself.

It's hard to recruit

Without the 5 pillars to success, it's hard to recruit let alone keep good people.

You have to keep a bad - mediocre employee

You no longer have to keep bad employees. It's hurting your business (and your sleep) more than you think.

You can't trust your employee

This sucks...but it can be fixed immediately.

You have to appease your employee

Placating and appeasing doesn't work (but you already knew that). Learn the correct way.

The rug can get pulled out from under you

The foundation of every clinic is the people. If it's not solid, you're not stable.


Bad Employee Has ONE Wrong Perception That Must Be Removed...

Every bad/mediocre employee has this ONE wrong perception in their head and it must be removed if you want any chance of them turning into a great employee.

You get the 3 Step Simple process to removing it in the course

Signs & symptoms Indicating If You have a "bad" (or mediocre) employee

When an employee is not happy, they'll reveal it to you. It's not a secret. They're not trying to hide it. Most of the time it's only due to one, or two, misconceptions in their head.

Here are the signs & symptoms you'll notice...

  • You're nice to them but it doesn't work (nothing seems to work)
  • They barely do what's expected of them. Nothing more. 
  • They complain regularly.
  • Whenever you bring up wanting to grow, market, or improve, his/her countenance or expressions are apathetic or seem bothered.
  • You don't trust them with new tasks or projects.
  • They're not enthusiastic about anything.

 Secrets Revealed In The Course...

The #1 thing that turns an employee "bad"

Good employees are made, not born. It starts with eliminating the factors that make them sour.

The #1 Recruiting Tools 

Without these tools, it's like going fishing without a rod or bait. What are your chances?

Training Starts Before you Hire

The questions you ask and the process you take during the hiring and onboarding process set the stage for the relationship for life.

3 Secrets to Recruiting Made Easy

Once you broadcast through the right channels, with the right message, and adjust your company brand (to match the current mindset of job seekers), getting the perfect new hire comes easily.

7 Unusual Actions to Creating An Excited Team

It doesn't happen by chance, and it takes a long time if you don't have a blueprint. Get the bee line track to have it quickly.

5 Critical Steps Before Letting the Team "Run the Show"

If you're ever gonna wean out of treating (and grinding), the only way it's gonna happen is if you learn these 5 magic steps!

What You're Guaranteed to Walk Away With

Immediate Results For:


  • Get 3 solid applicants in less than 9-days. Not just any applicants but solid ones.
  • Create a spectacular "Job Opportunity" page in 30-minutes flat using my personal template! One that converts and get's you new applicants without trying!
  • Use my "First Interview Questions" to ask that immediately boost their desire to come work for you.
  • How to perform a "Second Interview" and what to ask...
  • How to notify them that "You've been hired!" (Use my template)
  • Step-by-Step Onboarding Checklist
  • First Day Training Agenda - **every clinic gets this wrong and it sets an impression in the new employee's head for life.


  • Start creating excited staff next week with this one simple email memo!
  • My one secret that instantly builds trust with every employee
  • 5 Things to NEVER do or say as a Leader (literally ruins any chances of trust and respect)
  • How to remove the ONE wrong perception in the mind of employees that is the root cause of creating a bad employee
  • An easy to follow 12-step blueprint to getting employees wanting to help the organization grow
  • Annual calendar on exactly what the organization must do together in order to scale (a step by step)


Don't Be Hasty When Filling a Position.

Having the WRONG person in a position costs you more than you know.

Not only can they drain you of your energy, time and money,... but they can also infect others with the "Negative Virus" (and it spreads fast).

The wrong person can literally bring down the entire house.

In this course, you'll learn how to "spot" the wrong person quickly AND how to be certain if a new hire is the perfect fit for you and your organization.

Don't waste time. Avoid headaches.

So you can focus on scaling and soaring.

Solidify Your Team and Create Excitement

So that you can start scaling your business