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Optimized To Help Small to Medium Sized Clinics Rise above Big Chains & Hospitals

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ever wonder why

You're Not Growing As High (or as quickly) As You Should Be?

It's not because you're not good enough.

There's one reason, and one reason only.

You're spending too much time on notes and not enough on growing. 

You already know this. You know "treating" (and all that comes with it) is a $45/hr task. And in order to grow, it requires spending time on the $100-$300/hr tasks.

You should be working on...

  • Launching an online course
  • Creating "Offers" that are irresistible
  • Improving show rates and the patient experience.
  • Team building activities
  • Reactivating old patients
  • Starting a podcast
  • Making more videos
  • Creating an Online Library of Movements
  • Marketing better on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube
  • Creating a funnel that's evergreen
  • Training clinical staff on Fast-Acting Techniques
  • Starting a Health, Fitness & Wellness Department
  • Creating & selling more electives

And if you keep putting it off, you're gonna keep falling behind...

... It's time to hire.

The longer you go confining yourself to a schedule, being an employee (and not a boss), writing notes, doing evals, ... the longer you are choosing to put off wealth, independence and freedom. 

It's time to hire.

And I wanna help you succeed (and beat the big boys :)

You Can Compete Against Big Corps & Hospitals (& Get The Best Therapist) If You Have The Right Strategy

The First Secret Is In How Well You Sell The Open Position

Don't merely post a "Job" but announce a "Career Opportunity" (because it is).

Even if you don't think your job opening is that special, it is. If that person is fully committed, helps your business grow, you will share the success with them.

A job is never just a job with small-medium size clinics.


Posting a "Job" gets you buried with hundreds of other jobs. AND if you're lucky, you may get a few resumes. But all they care about is $$$. They end up being the wrong type of person (who you don't want a part of your team).

But if you broadcast a "Career Opportunity", now you're talking!  You attract! You get someone who wants to help you grow your business. It's not about the money only. It's more than that... That's who you want on your team.

Even if you don't think your position is that special, I will help you package a great "Career Opportunity"!

Start Avoiding These Mistakes...

  • Being "Loose" or Idle with recruiting leaving you vulnerable and "stuck" with limited choices.
  • Posting a "Job" (vs a "Career Opportunity")
  • Not Having An "Apply Online Now"
  • Posting Only On Job Boards

Start With Getting 2-10x More of The "RIGHT" Applicants Without Spending More!

The system starts with us packaging your open position into an irresistible "Career Opportunity"!

Get To "Hired!" Faster

When you broadcast this to the right channels, you get to "HIRED" faster!

It also allows you to promote your opportunity for free through social media channels as well,.. AND ACTUALLY GET RESULTS!

The "Recruiting Page" PRE-sells your opportunity making the interview go smoothly and you get to "You're hired!" faster!

And The BEST PART,...

THE APPLY ONLINE NOW! gets them while they're hot for the job!  So you don't lose a ton of leads (like most clinics). 

Because once they walk away, the chances of them returning are slim.

The 3-Step System is ESSENTIAL to getting a high number of motivated candidates.

NOW,... here's where you should broadcast your opportunity...

Broadcast Straight To The Best Working Channels!

BIG MISTAKE:  Don't waste time and money.  Most clinics only post on job boards and tap into only 45% of the market of jobseekers (and they're not the best candidates for you).  And it can take forever to find the right candidate for your unique clinic.  You can increase your target pool by 2-4x's and get more motivated candidates. This results in you getting a motivated therapist in half the time!

Get A Great Therapist Who Wants to be part of a team & Wants to Help You Grow

Recruiting is much like marketing. How you package it and WHO you sell it to makes a huge difference.

If you sell a "Job", you get "Jobseekers".

If you want someone who is going to make patients happy so you don't have to worry.  AND someone who's going to help you make videos and sell electives so you can grow patient volume, it takes the right kind of therapist.

If you sell a "Career Opportunity", you get committed, career-minded people.

If you don't give them a great reason to join you, they'll go elsewhere.  

Ko's system gives you a huge advantage in the vast pool of therapist candidates AND laser targets those who are most motivated.  You stand-out and get noticed by those you want to attract. You are viewed as the top choice for motivated therapists.

Enjoy Peace of Mind & Focus On Growing Your Business

Surveys and studies report that the number one cause of headache for most business owners are employees. When your recruiting is weak forcing you to keep bad/mediocre employees, it creates anxiety and stress. It prevents you from growing your business.  The business owner is left feeling "tied-down" and "held-back".

Installing a system that delivers motivated candidates -- one that you can amp up or turn down at will -- gives you control over this essential component to business success.

You enjoy peace of mind. You enjoy running your business and making it more profitable.

Ko's System vs Traditional Methods

Take control and grow.


"The BEST Recruiting System On The Planet!"

Automated. Easy. Set and Forget, Works Forever.

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Choose the Option That Suits You Best

Design only

Get More Motivated Applicants Without Spending More Money! Get "Ko's Automated Online Recruiting System" for Your Website! Get 2-10x More Applicants! Presell the job before ever talking to them!

What You Get:

  • An Irresistibly worded "Career Opportunity" Landing Page
  • Recruiting Page that pre-sells your opportunity quickly!
  • "Apply Online Now System" captures 2-10x's more applicants! (Applications get sent to your email)
  • Custom "Appeal Wording":  We create all content that maximizes appeal customized for your business!
  • Lifetime License to use the system forever!
  • You get 2-10x more applicants that are "Pre-Sold" on your offer! Make a great 1st impression. Hire faster and easier!
  • Get ahead of all your competitors! Get the best therapists!



We do everything for you!

Quick & Easy! Get Applicants ASAP! (Only 3 Spots Available For This Option)

  • An Irresistibly worded "Career Opportunity" Landing Page
  • Recruiting Page that pre-sells your opportunity quickly!
  • "Apply Online Now System" captures 2-10x's more applicants! (Applications get sent to your email)
  • Custom "Appeal Wording":  We create all content that maximizes appeal customized for your business!
  • Lifetime License to use the system forever!
  • You get 2-10x more applicants that are "Pre-Sold" on your offer! Make a great 1st impression. Hire faster and easier!
  • Get ahead of all your competitors! Get the best therapists!

CHOOSE 2 out of the 4 channels for us to do for you! Or We Can Recommend What's Best For You.
Guaranteed 5-10 Applicants

  • 1.  FB Ad Broadcast
  • 2. Emails to PTs or OTs
  • 3. Mail Postcards to PTs or OTs
  • 4. Broadcast On Multiple Job Boards (Including LinkedIN)
  • 24/7 Concierge Coach At Your Service for 3-months to coach you through entire process and answer any questions!



**Only 3 Spots Available

**Price is for IndeFree services plus $100 toward advertising cost. Does not include email list purchasing, mailing, printing or subscription costs.

*Only One Clinic Per Geographic Region Allowed


The Secret System That Gets Staff Wanting To Take Things Off Your Plate & Assume More Responsibility

The Video Training Series

Two things are required for the owner to simplify their life and be able to focus on growth projects. They are:

1. Owner must know what to delegate

2. Staff must want to take on more responsibility

That's what you'll learn how to do in this bonus training series!

What You'll Get In This  Bonus Training By James Ko Is...

  • How to "Simplify"
  • Remove the 3 Most Common Barriers to "Delegation" (amongst most clinic owners)
  • What to Delegate and What Absolutely NOT to
  • 5 Quick Actions That Gains More Trust Amongst Staff, AND Get Them Wanting To Assume More Responsibility
  • ONE SECRET That Instantly Motivates Staff To Do More


"How to Prevent Burnout In Your Employees & Inject Excitement Into Your PT/OTs!"

The 3-Part Video Training Series

Our therapists are burning out at a high rate of 67% (2 out of every 3 employed). It's sad and alarming! Our industry's best are quietly desperate and it's up to us, the private practice owner, to do something about it. We can help create better career opportunities for our sisters and brothers. Get them out of big corp and start enjoying our profession again.

What You'll Get In This Amazing Training By James Ko Is...

  • How to Identify Burnout
  • Remove the 3 Main Causes of "Burnout" Amongst PT/OTs
  • What you should say to someone burning out and what you SHOULD NOT say
  • 5 Quick Things To Install Into Your HR System That Bring Longterm Excitement
  • ONE SECRET That Instantly Turns Around Burnout! (Yes, instantly. It halts it and turns it around but you gotta stay consistent. It must become policy)
You are fully protected by our 100% MONEY-BACK Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you're not amazed with the results you get from Ko's Recruit System, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and we'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Design only

  • design + course

  • everything done for you

design only

With this option, we design and install Ko's 3-Part Recruiting System

What do I get?

You get:

1) We create an irresistible "Career Opportunity" for you.
2) Recruiting page that pre-sells the job with our wording, and
3) Apply Now Online System.

This is important to sell your open position to candidates and get them applying immediately when they are hot about the job!

It generates 2-10x more candidates for you!

How long does it take?

It usually takes only 5-7 business days to create and install the system onto your website after we receive access to your website and offer details.

Will I get candidates?

Yes. Most start getting applicants from the organic traffic alone. If you promote your offer, you’ll get even more applicants.  Use one of the 3 best channels and get even more.

What do I need to do?

Simply give us access to your website and offer details. We will make your open position stand out and be very appealing :)