Whether you are just starting a practice or have been in practice less than 3 years, there a common mistakes shared amongst beginners.

Some of the most costly ones are:

  1. Spending money on things that bring no or little return on investment. It’s easy to spend money in the early phases of building a practice. Sometimes, that’s all you seem to be doing but if you get caught up in that mode you can easily lose sight of the fact that WISE spending is necessary to avoid pitfalls. It’s important to spend ONLY on that which brings a return otherwise get is used or cheap.
  2. Unproductive employees. You need employees…but if they are doing menial tasks that hardly contribute to the bottom line, you will pay for the mistake. I know things need to get done but instead of trying to keep your employee(s) busy, instead ask yourself what needs to be done that would bring in more patients or get current patients to spend more money. Tasks directly linked to monetary gain is paramount in the beginning. As you get older into practice you will see you get better at this.
  3. Not “Marketing” enough. And I’m not talking about visiting doctor offices on a Tue and Thu afternoon. That’s not marketing. Beginners rarely spend enough time on direct efforts linked to more patients. This is a killer.

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