“Big Inspirations” for Experienced Private Practice Owners
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You can’t grow and improve by doing things the old way. Big inspirations lead to big strategies and “over-the-top” success! Until you get on the path of independence and freedom your passion and drive won’t awaken. This course will help create a major shift in thinking and doing. You will be rejuvenated!

You will begin loving what you do and do what you love, and see a whole new side to your practice and business!

Lesson topics include:
I. Automation
The 5-step automation cycle

Employee loyalty

The Patient Quality System

The 3 Tools to Freedom
II. Subconscious Self-Sabotage
How to identify it.

How to avoid it.
III. Tripling profits The decisions
The tools
The strategies
IV. Clinical excellence
Commanding better pay
Carving a niche
and much, much more…
Learn how to make more money and love what you do
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