Attend 10 Conferences and Become an Instructor!


Every time you come to a live conference, you will earn a different colored band.

Why keep coming to live conferences?

Each live conference covers a different very important topic such as Cash Client Revolution, MultiFunctional Movement, TRANSCEND ClinicalEX Bootcamp, and Private Practice Secrets.

There’s always something changing in our industry (nearly every 6-months). No conference is the same, even when you take the same conference again!

If you want to keep fresh and up-to-date, attend a conference two or three times per year. This is not me saying this, it’s the best-of-the-best saying this. It’s the “Hall of Famers” saying this. Some want to be the best, some want to teach others and give back. Whatever the reason, people keep coming back and they grow. You can, too.

Something special happens after your sixth attendance to any live conference…

Members say a transformation takes place. Great success comes your way more easily. To continue to grow and grow, you must keep up with the latest breakthrough secrets and strategies.

The most successful practice owners in the country (and the world)* are members.

Aren’t you ready to be a part of a successful network?



James Ko, PT/Founder
Black Band Instructor


*Members in Australia, Canada, Korea, Dubai, and more.

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