Your staff’s performance and productivity will make or break your practice this year.

Most practices don’t have good Job Descriptions. This leads to:

  • Employees “twiddling their thumbs”.
  • Loss of productivity. The typical clinic loses more than $4,000 every month due to inefficiencies and loss of productivity.
  • Drop in motivation and morale. People inherently like to be busy and productive with a sense of purpose.

Neglecting to properly train your staff can cause:

  1. Doctor’s to stop referring
  2. Patients to stop coming
  3. Thousands in lost revenue.

Just the words they use (or don’t use) can hurt your revenue, credibility, professionalism, and profitability.

Their performance makes the difference between a successful or failing clinic. Your team’s performance will mean the difference between having to go on the “hunt” for new souls (patients) every 6-weeks or have an automated marketing system with steady new patient flow every month. Recent studies reveal that the #1 source of the greatest headaches for business owners is EMPLOYEES. Times are changing, do you want to keep up?

BENEFITS of taking this course:

  1. Learn how to train your staff. Not the old boring way–Learn the highly unconventional but effective ways!
  2. Proven training outlines are provided that bring fast results.
  3. Get ready-made Job Descriptions for every position!


  1. Peace of mind knowing that your team is working together to help build your business.
  2. Enjoy your practice more as team morale and environment grows.
  3. Your team will be better, more cohesive, and more successful!
  4. Virtually eliminate “No-shows” and last minute cancellations.

If you want to maximize your internal marketing skills and take advantage of the FASTEST way to grow your practice, BRING YOUR STAFF to the limited-time only class. Whatever the cost may be, it’s in your best interest to mobilize your staff.

What’s Included in This Course?

  1. Ready-Made Job Descriptions for every position.
  2. Training outline proven to work.
  3. Unconventional strategies that work (not the old boring stuff).

Topics Include:

  1. Words your staff MUST use when interacting with patients, and words they should NEVER use.
  2. How to CONVERT prospects that have PPO insurance (out-of-network), the Non-insured patient, the High deductible insurance patient, auto injury patient, HMO (Where you are not contracted. Yes, you want them, too!)
  3. Top 3 actions to gain the patient’s loyalty
  4. How to “activate” every single person that’s interested in your services or programs.
  5. Eliminate No-Shows, Cancels and Reschedules.
  6. The 3-Step process to more loyal patients
  7. Role-play conversations with prospective new patients
  8. How to make patients loyal and get them to physically bring in more family and friends!
  9. Take home the “Auto Train Your Front Desk & Staff” video training module for easy front desk training in the future!

Bring your staff. You won’t find any course like this anywhere, guaranteed.