The Secrets Covered:

  1. Can I really “revolutionize” the way I treat?
  2. Learn how to “Wow” your patients (especially the difficult ones).
  3. Get patients better faster and duplicate them for exponential growth.
  4. Stop wasting time on paperwork and be audit-proof in just 4-minutes per day.
  5. Secret to unlocking the patient’s healing power and explode your word-of-mouth business.
  6. Be inspired and excited about your profession again!
  7. Command more cash pay with the secret 3-step system!

This “One-of-a-kind” course…
will change the way you feel about treating and the results you get with your patients!
It’s not just about having a high patient satisfaction rate, it’s about earning loyal patients for life.

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Many therapists think they are good, but unless your patients bring in family and friends (versus compliments and cookies) you are NOT as good as you might think. It doesn’t matter if you are an OT or PT, employee or owner, manager or director, this is a MUST for everyone in physical or occupational therapy, medical or healing profession!

Common Causes of FAILURE in Clinical Excellence

BE WARY OF… taking courses that ONLY teach “manual techniques”. . . WHY?

Because even though manual techniques have significant value (we cover “Fast-Acting Techniques”), winning the hearts and minds of patients is critical to (1) unlocking their inner healing potential, (2) faster outcomes and, (3) breeding loyalty.  Learn how to UNLOCK the patient’s healing power, gain fantastic outcomes, and gain their loyalty for life!

COURSE OUTLINE: The topics covered in this course are…

  1. Increasing patients perceived value and watch your practice explode!
  2. Fast-acting techniques for instant results!
  3. Paperwork Made Easy!
  4. Revolutionary treatments you will love to use!
  5. Audit-Proofing your practice!
  6. How to love your profession again!
  7. How to make patients loyal and get them to physically bring in more family and friends!

Bring your staff! You won’t find any course like this anywhere, guaranteed! With our 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!


C-A-I-R Principles to Excellence

  • System on how to get patients better faster
  • How and why’s

Commanding more pay

  • Why will one pay more for one therapist and less for another?
  • What to say and do to increase the value of your service instantly

Quick Techniques for Instant Results

  • Lumbar
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Knee
  • Neck/migraines
  • Techniques and technology

Evaluation Secrets

  • How much time should I be spending?
  • Is there a faster and better way?
  • What should I do and NOT do on the eval day?
  • Does it matter?

Treatment Planning Secrets

  • Is there a simple way to create a treatment plan?
  • Learn the mistakes over 90% of all clinicians make.

Treating Techniques & Secrets

  • What are most clinicians doing wrong?
  • Is one-on-one “quality care”?
  • How do I get patients better faster?

Critical Discharge Visit

  • Why is the “discharge” the most important phase of a patients rehab?
  • How is my business effected by letting patients “fall-through-the-cracks”?
  • When’s the best time to begin discussing discharge with a patient?  (more important than you think!)
  • Standardized discharge criteria, and how to do it right!
  • What should be included in every discharge!