Software, Streamlining, Profiting, Employee Ownership Secrets

This course covers the following important topics for step-by-step, “over-the-top” success in your practice:


Systemizing and streamlining your daily operations is critically important for maximum profits.  In today’s climate it’s more important than ever to increase productivity, efficiency, and decrease expenses.


Electronic systems will soon be mandatory.  Are you ready?  Do you know which software best fits your practice?  Learn how to choose the software best for you and NOT spend too much!


Learn the 3-step secret to increased profits–without having to increase volume!


  • You either have employees or a team.  Which do you have?  A team takes ownership, works harder, and helps your business grow.  “Employees” cause drama, headaches, and daily fires constantly!  Learn the 3-step process to building a strong team!
  • Do you own your practice or does your practice own you?
  • If you are not able to take a vacation without your business falling apart, you may be more of a prisoner to your practice than an independent practitioner.  In today’s climate of decreasing reimbursement and higher patient expectations, you have to be more organized and efficient than ever before.
  • This course will empower you with a secret system to automate your practice.  All the proprietary tools andstep-by-step methods will be included so you don’t have to reinvent anything.  It’s an automation system in a box!
  • We are the country’s leading provider of advanced courses for physical and occupational therapists.
  • This course will empower you toward financial independence and professional freedom through automation and employee leadership.  You will learnsecrets unavailable anywhere else.

Who Should Attend?

  • Experienced owners who are hitting a “ceiling” and can’t seem to grow beyond it.

  • Experienced owners who are not happy with their practice

  • Owners who are not organized and struggling with employee leadership.

  • If employees do not like you.

  • Employees are not being productive.
    Employees are being rude or disrespectful

  • You have a hard time recruiting staff.

  • High turnover.

  • Your employees hold you hostage.

  • Beginners who just opened their doors.
    Beginners who are planning to start a practice.

  • Those merely thinking of private practice and want to know what it takes.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business 20 years or haven’t yet started, realizing independence and freedom by automating your practice can be achieved quickly and affordablywith our secret system.  You will receive a road-map to success, with all the tools, to achieve independence and freedom.


  • Life is short, don’t waste time!  You can have an automated and enjoyable practice today!

  • Hard work and toiling 50-60 hours per week won’t guarantee success. Many work hard for 30-40 years without ever acheiving independence and freedom.

  • Get ALL 7 right tools to automate your practice and be more efficient and profitable.  Don’t use forms stolen/borrowed from past employers and copy systems and procedures from someone making a lot of mistakes!

  • Learn the most affordable and easiest way to high quality care and instant profits! Don’t wait years like most practices.

  • Overcome the hurdles of employees quitting and being short-staffed preventing you from expanding.

  • Learn the difference between merely having employees versus having a loyal team and why it’s critical to business success!

  • Operate your physical therapy business (or occupational therapy business) at a higher “Success” rate (compared to the national average)!

  • Understand how to develop loyalty amongst your staff.

  • 4 years of learning in just 1 day!

Independence and freedom through private practice success absolutely does NOT happen by chance and it certainly does NOT happen by merely getting office space, using borrowed (stolen forms)from past employers, and winging it. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it.

This course will give you proprietary tools only available through IndeFreeTM and the proper coaching to help you achieve an automated and profitable practice.  Something you can trulyappreciate and enjoy.  If you are “burning-out” this will help you enjoy your profession and business all over again.  You can take pride in what you do and make more money at the same time.



  • How to run your practice from remote.

  • Is there really a way to “automate” your practice?

  • The elements to an automated system.

  • Work because you WANT to not HAVE to.

  • Secret steps to automation.

  • How to avoid having to put out “fires” daily.

  • See the health of your practice “At-a-Glance” daily, not monthly or quarterly.

  • Don’t have to work if you don’t want.


  • How to recruit the best employees.

  • Recruiting ads that work.

  • How to phone screen properly.

  • How to do the face-to-face interview.

  • How to hire properly.

  • How to properly orient and train new employees.

  • How to develop an effective compensation package.

  • Proprietary forms and tools.

  • How to discipline and reward your staff.

  • How to punish, suspend, and fire properly.

  • How to keep your staff challenged and growing.

  • Profit-sharing

  • Junior partner program

  • How to best train your staff.  When to have meetings, trainings.

  • Get staff to like and respect you.

  • How NOT be held hostage by your staff.

  • How to ensure maximum productivity from every staff member.

  • Learning to “LET GO” and why it’s critical to the growth of your practice.

  • Avoid litigation

  • Avoid trips to the Labor Commissioners office.

  • Avoid increasing your unemployment insurance rates.


  • Being an effective leader is essential to success.

  • The 5-step process to becoming an effective leader.

  • Why leadership is important for a practice owner.

  • How leadership leads to more profits and improved quality of care.

  • How to make your team accountable, responsible, and loyal.

  • How to get your staff to take ownership of your practice.


  • Secret Performance-Based Pay system for employees. (proprietary)

  • Secret Peer Review & Competency Testtemplates. (proprietary)

  • Secret Daily Productivity Tracking system(proprietary)

  • Secret Creeds to follow and teach your employees (proprietary)