I always get a lot of out sitting in on James’s training sessions because I always learn something or get some much-needed insight.

There is information coming at us from all angles today and sometimes it can feel like a little too much.

These 3 things James shared is really helping me stop feeling like I have too much or too little information to go off and break free from information overload.

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In This Episode James Shares:

  • How to cut through all the noise and focus
  • What is causing all the noise around you
  • What it takes to get things done
  • The value of knowing how to break through the noise
  • The stumbling blocks on what causes information overload
  • How to get over feeling like you don’t have enough information
  • The reason why you are not being given what you think you need
  • One thing you have to do to get more information
  • The type of person you are and the kind that you can be
  • How to have a better quality of life 
  • How to increase the tools and resources that you have available
  • How you can make room for the GREAT
  • What happens when you make room in your life
  • How to stop feeling like your business is imprisoning you 
  • How to ignore the distractions
  • The TRUTH on what you already have but aren’t utilizing correctly 


The three best things you can do to avoid information overload

One thing you can do and have the noise instantly die down

The greatest gift that you can give that helps you too

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(Go ahead, share the love.)