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EP 11: Empty Slots and the Long-Term Cure 

Regularly having empty slots in your schedule is a sign of a deeper problem and just doing more marketing is a temporary fix that prolongs the problem.

Find out what the deeper problems are.

In this episode James Rants on how to think "outside-the-box" and evolve your practice for the modern day which delivers long-term stability into the future.


EP 10: Are You Too Nice to be Successful in Business?

Sometimes being too nice hurts you in business. If you can't let go of some things and make the hard decisions necessary, you might be headed for disaster. 


EP 11: Empty Slots and the Long-Term Cure
Regularly having empty slots in your schedule is a sign of a deeper problem and just doing more marketing is[...]
EP 10: What It Takes to be Successful in Business
Sometimes being too nice hurts you in business. If you can't let go of some things and make the hard decisionsnecessary, you might[...]
EP 9: Subconscious Self Sabotage (SSS)
Success can be elusive. There are many who are extremely talented and intelligent but can't make it in business. In[...]
EP 8: Team Training or Treat Patients?
What's more important, training your employees or treating patients? Which one should the owner of a clinic spend more time[...]
EP 7: Do You Know Your Cost Per Slot?
There are some financial figures you should know if you want to make wiser decisions in your business. The Cost[...]
EP 6: Employee Confrontation and How to Handle It
Here are two very important and proactive things you can do to create a better team of loyal employees. Share[...]
Running a Practice From Remote With Mindy Murray, OTR
Mindy is an OTR who owns and operates KIT Therapy providing physical therapy and massage services (and some speech therapy).[...]
Activation and Sales Training for Staff
I don't like selling, and neither do my staff. That's why this training is so important. How do you sell[...]

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"While my first practice was failing, I tried to get help. I contacted the APTA, past instructors, and other PT's in private practice, but no one seemed to want to help (or give up much information). Maybe they didn't know. Maybe they were fearful (Maybe they didn't like me). I don't know. This was back in 1998 so even though I searched online not much was available. That's when I made a vow. I vowed that when I figured it out, I was going to share it with everyone. That became my figure it out. Now, after 7 practices (and 15 years of coaching others) I have to say I'm still figuring it out." -James


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From the day we are born, we learn everything of importance from someone else. How to read, drive a car, open a bank account, and more.  Why then do we think we can operate a successful business without learning how from someone else?

No single person or entity has helped me grow as a professional more than James Ko and the IndeFree Association. With his mentorship, we have grown our business exponentially. He has also helped me grow as a person, coaching on growth in a manner that simply works. If you listen, and apply, you Will grow both professionally and personally. THANK YOU!! ”

Tim Burnell, PT - Back In Motion PT (Sarasota, FL)

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"It's not where you are currently in life or business that's of significance, it's the direction you are heading that matters most." -James

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